Online advertisement is a type of marketing in which prospective customers are told about a product by the use of the internet. There are different types of internet video that have been used, including the use of tweets, displayed advertisements, search advertisements, new developments, network banner advertisements, pop-ups, and evolving advertisements, to name a few (Scott,2015). The intensity of efficacy and quality of use of these advertisements varies. Individual online advertisements offer varying degrees of gratification to users; the most successful online advertising is one that draws more people to a product. The recent trends have proven so far to be the most effective online advertising method used. The recent trends advertisement capitalizes on the most recent needs of the consumers of the product. The recent trends are based on the consumer knowledge of some of the products. Compared to other online advertising there is no possibility of a recent trend advertisement turning into spam messages as is the case of the email messages and the pop-ups and the banners which are common in them as online advertisement. The recent trends only exhibit efficiency as it takes into account the consumers’ needs in the process of promoting the goods and services of a company. Other methods of online methods like internet and the pop-ups are commonly used owing to different peculiar advantages derived from their uses. The email comes with a degree of confidentiality that is unrivalled while the pop-ups are with the advantage that they must be seen and in such a way the message must be passed to the prospective consumers. However, the internet advertisement may be treated as a spam message or be ignored altogether. The pop ups are always not taken seriously as the nature in which they present themselves to give a challenge to those who obtain the advertisement as they cannot clearly comprehend.

The offline advertisement refers to the conventional product promotion methods that have been used overages. Whereas online advertisement has a wider reach and is fast in the delivery, the offline advertisement has a narrower appeal and appears to be more physical. The online advertisement does not require many resources as it is that business that is conducted by the use of internet and is not physical. The offline advertisement, on the other hand, requires lots of resources as there are many things which are technically involved in the product promotion. In comparison, the offline advertising provides a more personalized relationship between the company and the consumers while the online advertisement tends to establish a relationship that is general between the business and the consumers.

Online advertisements have been conducted over a shorter period. The expiry of an online advertisement is low in the sense that the adverts take a short period. The offline adverts which are physical have a longer expiry, and they remain for a relatively longer period. The online advertisements are considered to be fast in speed, and the approach used, therefore, provides a faster approach in terms of the speed of the message. The speed is attributed to the nature of the speed of internet-connected that forms the basic foundation of the online advertisements.

The offline advertisement is a relatively slow owing to the human processes involved in the delivery. In the offline advertisement, the time is a major constraint as it cannot be done within the 24 hours of the day owing to the human capacity that is required in the process. The online advertisement is not limited to time constraints. This advertisement can be run at any time of the day and does not depend on the day of the week and the time of the day. The online advertisement will only depend on the internet connectivity and the strength of the internet.The offline marketing is represented by those methods that are more physical in business promotion including the use of signposts and billboards to reach as many people as possible, the spread of information through the use of words of mouth, the advertisements put on the television stations and the newspapers, the sponsorships and use of fliers and postcards among others.

Just like the online advertisements the offline adverts also is a subject of the type of products that are offered for sale and the nature of the industry. This can be reflected in the sales that are made by the firms in the long run. The advertisement is an integrative process that takes into account all the effects aimed at promoting the business. Advertisement serves to inform the prospective customers of a new product in the market or serves to inform the customers of the business about an improvement on the product. The mode of delivery of the message ensures the efficiency of the message thereof.


Scott, David Meerman. The new rules of marketing and PR: How to use social media, online video, mobile applications, blogs, news releases, and viral marketing to reach buyers directly. John Wiley & Sons, 2015.

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