Persuasive Essay on Gun Laws

The issue of gun control legislation has sparked controversy in a number of states. The selling, use, and possession of firearms are all governed by the federal government in the United States. The gun laws vary from one state to the next, depending on the state’s current firearm laws. The state argues that gun owners should be subject to their state’s gun laws, while gun owners claim that they have the right to own guns regardless of state laws. Not only in the United States, but also in other countries, there have been many mass shootings. As a result, many people believe that gun ownership should be limited. Nonetheless, there are those who still maintain that they need guns for protection because the government cannot adequately protect them at all times. Therefore, strict gun control regulations are necessary to ensure the safety of all citizens.

First, gun laws are essential because, with strict regulations, it will help protect societal needs. When there are laws on gun ownership, citizens will be in a position to defend themselves and their properties from criminals (Webster et al. 115). When people are allowed to own guns by the law, it will deter criminals from attacking the citizens because they are unsure if an individual possesses a concealed firearm. Criminals tend to avoid citizens who are armed. Moreover, with gun laws, the house theft, shoplifting, and kidnapping incidences where illegally owned guns are used will be at reduced levels because very few people will be allowed to own guns. The more the state regulates gun ownership, the lesser the gun-related violence and crimes will be reported meaning the society will be protected. Therefore, gun laws are vital in protecting the societal needs.

The regulation of guns is necessary for all states because it will help save lives. When there are strict gun laws, only the licensed citizens will be allowed to own guns, and this means that it will help reduce gun-related crimes and homicides. There are several reported cases of mass shooting in public spaces, for instance, the Sandy Hook massacre and the Virginia shooting whereby several lives were lost (Wasike 182). However, with gun laws, minors and other unstable mind citizens will not have access to guns, and this will help save the many lives that could have been lost due to the misuse of guns. Therefore, gun laws are important because they will help save lives by reducing gun-related crimes and violence. Moreover, those licensed to carry firearms will use them with care because they risk them being confiscated by the state.

It is undoubtedly that guns laws have several advantages, but just like any other controversial topic, it has its opposition. One prominent argument against gun laws is that it is the right of all citizens to bear arms according to the Second Amendment and the gun laws are violating this constitutional right. Nonetheless, this is far-fetched because, with gun laws, people will still be allowed to own firearms but with restrictions on how and when to use them. Moreover, without gun laws, people will acquire arms and use them to harm others unnecessarily, but with laws, this can be regulated. In addition, with gun laws, there will be a standard background check on individuals before they are issued with guns because they will be issued with restrictions. Furthermore, those already owning firearms will use them with a lot of care because laws are binding them and this means that there will be reduced gun-related crimes and violence cases. Therefore, gun laws do not infringe the citizens’ right to firearm ownership, but it regulates how they are acquired and used, and this is important for the safety of all citizens.

Guns are a danger to the world if not regulated because they are powerful weapons. They can cause a lot of destruction and even unnecessary deaths. It is true they are necessary for self-defense, but again, they do take lives if not used correctly. Therefore, there is a great need for all states to enact stricter gun control laws to ensure the safety of all people because it will undoubtedly reduce gun-related crimes and violence (Cheng, and Hoekstra 850). Even though not all firearm-related crimes will be mitigated, but at least several lives will be saved because there will be few guns at people’s disposal and these weapons will be licensed. Gun control laws are vital in all countries because their benefits outweigh the opponents’ arguments.

In essence, gun control is a notorious subject that has created heated debate in the US and other countries across the globe. Some people support the gun control laws while there are others who are against the law insisting that it violates people’s right to firearm ownership. Even though there are those who oppose these laws, gun laws are necessary for every state to ensure the safety of the people. Without restrictions, firearms will get into wrong hands, and this will put the people’s security at risk because of increased gun-related violence and crimes. With gun laws, the sale of guns and ammunition and firearm ownership will be regulated

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