Kitab al-Mansuri (Selections) Al-Razi (Rhazes)

Al-Razi, also known as Rhazes, described various parts of the body that God produced in his work Kitab al-Mansuri. He discusses how God is strong and He produced bones to sustain all of the flesh and organs in the human body. Al-Razi recognizes the impotence of born in humans because they are special and perfume various roles in the human body. He also admitted that without muscles, humans could not move from place to place. Furthermore, he identified bones as the primary player when a human encounters partial movement. Furthermore, Al-Razi admits that, while bones are essential for movement, muscles and tendons are equally important. Al-Razi has adversely mentioned bones in his work, but it is not the only part of the body that he has mentioned adversely in his work since the Human brain has also been measured adversely. Al-Razi had some ideas sourced from the Greeks. In his novel, he sources some information from the ancient teaching about the human body.

Al -Razi observed that God created the brain which as the principle of sensational and voluntary movement. According to Al-Razi, the brains perform a different function which includes sensing, touching and movement (Koning, 45). The author depicts that “If the brain suffers a serious accident, the entire body loses sensation and movement. If an accident happens to the spinal marrow, the parts that receive nerves from that part of the marrow and all those below it loses sensation and movement”. According to the book The Part Of Animals authored by Aristotle, Brain is the fundamental part of the body that controls all the activity that the body undertakes. Aristotle observes that brain is connected to nerves hence controlling the body by sending impulse that triggers motion in human beings. Aristotle 652 observed “the main function of the brain is to Communicate Arithmetic Insight Planning Judgement Comprehension Processing Reading Focusing Attending Memory Contemplation Thinking (or cognition) includes all of our internal mental processes and functions” It is evident that Al-Razi referred to the book The Part Of Animals that was authored by Aristotle (Aristotle 655). Their many similarities between the book of Aristotle and the Piece that Al-Razi had authored Brain and is a function. The manner in which Al-Razi described the brain is the same as the description that Aristotle said about the brain. Additionally, the description which Al-Razi depicted in his work about the functions of the brain is similar to the description that Aristotle depicted in his work.

Al-Razi Acknowledges the impotence of bones in human bodies since it has a variety of function that is instrumental in human life. According to Al-Razi borns are responsible for holding human flesh and the longer the bones of a person, the larger the amount of flesh that is attached to the body (Koning, 45). Flesh hosts many things such as veins, arteries and nerves which are delicate. Similar to the journals of Al-Razi, Aristotle also depicts the impotence of borns which include: enhancement of movement, protecting delicate organs like liver, kidney nerves arteries and vein. Al-Razi journals ware inspired by the work of Aristotle’s that is most of his work had the same concept.

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