Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was born April 13, 1743 in Shadwell, the then colony of Virginia as child number three in a family of ten siblings. Historians believe that perhaps Jefferson was of welsh origin. Jefferson was born to Peter Jefferson, a surveyor and Jane Radolph. Unfortunately, Thomas Jefferson’s father died when he was just fourteen years old, but having moved to Tuckahoe Plantation where him and his other siblings would live for the better part of their life. Thomas Jefferson existed at a time when slavery was still a trademark of the American society. In fact, Jefferson himself inherited slaves totaling two hundred from both his father and father-in law. However, Jefferson was merciful enough to free a couple of slaves in his lifetime and even chose not trail some of whom had escaped. Key events took place during Jefferson’s life including the American Revolution War (1777-83) when he was serving as a legislature at Virginia. Thomas Jefferson died on July 4, 1826 in the company of a close friend, John Adams.

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Thomas Jefferson is well at the top there as among the American Greats. He not only became the third President of the United States but also became strongly involved in the America’s early development. Most notably, Jefferson authored the Declaration of Independence document borrowing his words for the Declaration a few years after the end of the American Revolution War. As a president, Jefferson was greatly involved in the purchase of Louisiana, in First Barbary War, oversaw the Lewis and Clark Expedition, established the U.S. Military Academy among other issues. Prior to being a president, Jefferson served as governor, legislator, and minister to France. Of all though, he is remembered for authoring the Declaration of Independence document.