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the Ayahuasca Church

The American Ayahuasca Church is a charismatic group in the United States. It’s officially known as Ayahuasca Healing Retreats, and it’s affiliated with the Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC) (Labate,…

islam and utopians

The concept of an ideal world as envisioned by Islamic utopians has a curious allure for humans. Despite coming from separate schools, Islam utopians such as Avicenna (980-1037), Al-Suhrawardi, Yahya…

Kitab al-Mansuri (Selections) Al-Razi (Rhazes)

Al-Razi, also known as Rhazes, described various parts of the body that God produced in his work Kitab al-Mansuri. He discusses how God is strong and He produced bones to…