It is perceived that creatures operate under the aspect of free will and that God, despite being all-knowing has given creatures free-will. It is worth noting that free-will continues being free-will despite God knowing what will happen. In a more practical perspective, it is quite clear that a person would choose gold over sand when instructed to choose one of them. If the elements were placed in front of a person, the chances are that he will not pick the sand. The knowledge that the person will not take the sand does not take way the freedom from the individual as he is free to choose one thing instead of the other. The same case applies to God whereby despite him knowing what an individual is most likely to choose does not imply that the person lacks the free will to choose what he wants. The view is that God is aware of the choices that people are bound to make and hence the assertion that he is indeed all-knowing.

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According to 1 John 3:20, man is aware that God is greater than his heart and that God is aware of everything. Concerning the example as mentioned earlier, if a person were to select gold over sand, God would already be aware of the choice to be made. Moreover, if God is aware of all that is going to happen and is already informed of the decisions that we are bound to make, it becomes clear that man is the one in charge of making his choices. The choice, in this case, refers to an individual having options and hence if God is aware of the choices that we are going to make, it implies that he is mindful of the fact that we are going to be faced with options. Therefore, the assertion “If God is all knowing, there cannot be free will” is impractical.