Hopefully, public and corporate bodies plan to strengthen their competencies in foreign and domestic markets by improving competitiveness. In addition, they add societal, economic and cost benefits to society. Indeed, one of the best ways to do this is improving competitiveness and reinforcing organizational ties through technical advancement and networking advances. Efficient agricultural robots between people are important. In addition, the simpler person-to-person communication, as well as the more harmonious person-to-machine communication accomplished by technological advancement, is essential in the current communication context (Caferra, 2011). At the same time, there is also an increase in the expectation of the use of 3D printing to contribute to improvement in productivity (Sobh, 2007). Just like the use of agricultural robots, 3D printing also contributes positively to the society in light of social, cost, and economic benefits. The human-machine interfaces are increasingly recording some changes for suiting the conventional devices at a given moment. Essentially, such interfaces impact significantly on the communications usability (Middleton, 2002). Computer engineers have to play a significant role to enhance the contribution of the agricultural robots and 3D printing contribution to society.

Economic Benefits of Agricultural Robots and 3D Printing to the Society

By definition, agricultural robots refer to the automation technology’s logical proliferation into the Biosystems like horticulture and agriculture. Other areas where the technology can be applied include fisheries, greenhouse, and forestry systems (Sobh, 2007). Some of the common techniques are being replaced by this technology in performing the same task more efficiently. Economically, agricultural robots apply the automation to the different processes of agriculture such as harvesting. It is also helpful in tending crop fields, maintain the animal, and even pick fruits (Middleton, 2002). With this kind of improved efficiency, the technological advancement contributes positively to the economy.

In the same way, 3D printing has economic benefits to the society. For example, it is possible to make its prototypes without significant investment quickly. Moreover, the manufacturing of additives allows the possibilities of creating new, unusual shapes. Regarding metals and plastics, 3D printings do not leave any wastages. According to Caferra (2011), the shops of 3D printing are also increasing hence making anyone get their design printed quickly.

Social Benefits of Agricultural Robots and 3D Printing to the Society

Currently, the agricultural robots enhance the productivity of many people. A large number of workers are not required by the society to work in the agricultural firms. For this reason, people are able to devote much of their lives to the development of community (Sobh, 2007). These people can also have the opportunity to engage in volunteering activities as well as furthering their education. Also, the agricultural robots are beneficial to the society since only a few people will be enough to bring a lot of farm produce due to the technology’s efficiency. Additionally, farmers spend much less time on the farms during the agricultural activities (Middleton, 2002). Again, the robots can be helpful in protecting the society from the harmful effects of using hands to handle chemicals and through high spaying system.

Besides, the use of 3D printing also has several benefits to the society. In precise, the technological development allows individuals to supplement the computer-generated graphics with the usual senses. Other things that society find beneficial with 3D printing include computer sounds, videos, as well as the geographical information (Caferra, 2011). Ordinarily, there is a possibility of mapping such images to the physical world with the aim of making them interactive for the society.

Cost Benefits of Agricultural Robots and 3D Printing to the Society

Agricultural robots have several cost benefits to the society. There is no time off needed by the robots. Furthermore, they do not get tired or sick. They also have closer tolerances of operation with fewer errors. Practically, up to 80% of the use of pesticides by farmers can be reduced by the agricultural robots (Middleton, 2002).

Correspondingly, 3D printing also influences the business models. It changes a lot in the society. For example, it makes businesses to adopt various strategies for the satisfaction of the customers. In this case, it will be reducing the cost of running businesses. Particularly, customers are likely to get reduced charges of shipping when they purchase certain products. Such technological advancement can also change both the export and import trade drastically as the cost of doing businesses reduces. Accordingly, it changes the relationships between countries.

The Role of Computer Engineers for the Enhancement its Contribution to the Society

In light of contributing positively to the society, computer engineers play several important roles. For example, they improve solutions and solve problems. Moreover, they help in improving communications, furthering education, as well as have had positive impacts on several areas of the society (Caferra, 2011). These people also organize and streamline philanthropy.

The Protection of Organizations and People

Whether small or big, every organization require a digital protection. Here, the computer engineers are charged with the responsibility of ensuring safety for the information stored on phones, tablets, or computers (Sobh, 2007). Every society needs quality and affordable digital protection.

The Improvement of Solutions and Solving Problems

The society is in need of finding ways of doing things more directly and faster. These opportunities can be well seized by the computer engineers. Some of the problems are approached using various computer software that the engineers create (Middleton, 2002).

Improvement of Communication

Computer engineers provide many luxuries that are helpful to envision communication. For example, they make it possible to video conference with families and friends overseas. Computer engineers also provide an opportunity to connect with people around the world using email as other social media (Caferra, 2011). Their primary goal is to benefit the society.


Overall, each of the three developments, i.e., social, cost, and economic have impacted positively to the society due to the advancement of technology. Technological development is providing opportunities for people in various sectors such as agriculture, media, business and so on. With the reduction of a large number of workers in the society, people can now concentrate on other activities such as community development and education. Again, various economists debate the automation merits. Here, it is credited with an increased quality predictability, as well as the growing productivity of products. Technology development has also improved the output of consistency to benefit the society.


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