senator and the letter

As a student in your district, I encourage you to introduce an amendment to the Affordable Care Act. I appreciate that the Act has been of great assistance to Americans since its inception in 2010. It has strengthened health care for all Americans by ensuring that no one is refused benefits or paid a higher premium by insurance providers regardless of their medical condition.
However, owing to certain drawbacks, the legislation has not completely fulfilled its goals of enhancing citizens’ healthcare to the required standard. The Act addresses healthcare on a theoretical level than a practical one as debated by many Americans. Also, the law is lengthy and problematic to fathom due to the use of political jargon. Seemingly, despite being a constitutionally recognized Law, Obama Care has not been well understood by many Americans. Further, the law places young adults to be under their parents’ cover until the age of 26 years. The period is very long and might deny them the independence they desire.

Therefore, I urge you to propose the modification of this Act by endorsing the following proposals:

Firstly, the Act should address Americans health challenges more practically.

Secondly, replacement of the political jargon used with simpler language, that is comprehensible to all.

Thirdly, I would recommend the section under which young adults are allowed to be on their parents’ cover to be reduced to 24 years from 26 years. The reduction will enhance independence and a sense responsibility among the young adults.

Kindly take a moment to review my proposals. I believe the proposals will lead to the enrichment of the Obama Care Act.


Student’s Name



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