Levels of Student Ministry

Student ministry is a religious ministry for students who come together to engage in religious activities within a given university, college, or high school in a bid to learn more about their faith and get more involved in spiritual life (McLuhan, 2018). The secondary aim of student ministry is to build the leadership capacity in school students. The events that take place within a student ministry occur simultaneously on four different levels categorized into the entry, evangelizing, edifying, and equipping levels (McLuhan, 2018). Each of the levels involves different activities with varying degrees of significance

Personally, I seem to lean towards the edifying level of student ministry due to several reasons. First, this level mainly involves discipleship and seeks to enlighten and uplift students who worship Jesus Christ and have the desire to develop their relationship with Him in a moral, spiritual, and intellectual way (McLuhan, 2018). This aspect is crucial as it helps guide the students to a deeper and more meaningful level in their relationship with God. Secondly, the edifying level with a good discipleship plan helps all students with different levels of spiritual maturity to move forward together in their spiritual journey, thus, strengthening the ministry much further in terms of gospel knowledge and spiritual faith (McLuhan, 2018).

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Implementing the edifying level of student ministry requires a proper plan to execute for all members of the ministry. Some of the ways I could use while implementing this level in a student ministry include:

  1. Organizing retreats, camps, mission trips, conferences, and discipleship events for all members of the ministry.
  2. Developing and establishing a clear vision and structure for discipleship by pairing each student with an adult volunteer to enhance one-on-one discipleship relationships.
  3. Teaching the students on what it entails to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.



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