Success is what you make it take how it comes

“Success is what you make it take how it comes,” says American rapper Pusha T. People in society often engage in particular practices with the primary goal of producing impressive results. The successful execution of one’s plans is a sign of success in a given area, as well as in life. However, certain situations have a huge impact on how people carry out their responsibilities and accomplish their goals. Some of the circumstances in which people engage in such practices are negative, and others are beneficial, but those who are committed to achieving those objectives overlook the roadblocks in their way to success. In reality, successful students are the persons who undertake any activity that can aid them in attaining their set goals regardless of the problems that they encounter.

An analysis of successful students indicates that hard work is one of the primary traits that help in the attainment of one’s objectives. In essence, the individuals who work hard ignore the social and economic challenges that they encounter in their lives and remain committed to executing their plans. Also, industrious personalities do not develop any fear concerning the performance of specific tasks thus attain their goals without the distractions from other bodies in the surrounding. For instance, my sister suffered depression while in high school, but she still managed to graduate. Therefore, the hard work that one exhibits in the course of studies or doing a given task is important for the impressive results that one attains at the end of a particular activity. However, an individual’s decision to work hard regardless of the problems that are in the surrounding depends on one’s personality.

Successful students also plan their activities efficiently thus reducing their chances of failing to achieve their goals. In reality, an individual who makes effective plans has the opportunity to identify the possible challenges that can significantly impede their success. Also, through planning, the successful students can identify the alternative course of actions and ensure that they do not fail to attain their goals if one strategy becomes challenging to execute efficiently, within a given time. Also, planning one’s activities is an important strategy that aids in ensuring that one sticks to the set goals despite the numerous challenges that a person faces. For instance, an individual who has set proper plans will work towards the attainment of the set objectives and get the opportunity to indulge in other activities, which are also important.

Other than proper planning and hard work, successful students engage other personalities in the society to help in executing particular roles. Notably, individuals who often succeed in life seek support from the figures whom they perceive to be helpful to the realization of their goals. Such consultations or support the consultations helps in reducing the risks of failure by providing new ideas that one did not have. Besides, seeking counselling assist successful people in accepting the challenges that they undergo thus enhance their urge to work without relenting.

Success requires an individual to focus on one thing at a given time and avoid distractions. In reality, the distractions that people experience in the course of performing an activity reduce one’s chances of succeeding. It is worth noting that the avoidance of distractive events results from the urge that one has concerning the execution of a given activity and attainment of specific goals. For example, my aunt managed to graduate from college despite the fact that she was pregnant, an indication that she did not let the pregnancy act as a barrier between her and the successful completion of college. One can observe from my aunt’s pregnancy during her college life, that successful people accept the challenges that they are undergoing and improve their commitment to the issues that they consider to be important, specifically education.

Further, successful students are highly responsive to the changes in their surroundings thereby increasing their abilities to manage the challenges that they encounter. In essence, one’s ability to adapt to the shifts in the environment is an important trait that significantly improves the success that one achieves at a given time. A student’s ability to adjust and fit in the surrounding also helps in enhancing the chances of using the available opportunities and succeeding in academic life. Successful students also analyze and pursue available opportunities that matching their (students) goals in life. Moreover, in a situation of inadequate resources, a student who wants to succeed will solicit for support from the society members without any form of shame or fear.

To conclude, prosperous personalities engage any activity that they perceive to be critical for the attainment of the set goals. As discussed in this essay, the students who have high levels of desires to succeed often plan, persevere and work hard towards the attainment of their goals. Also, successful students avoid distractions and remain committed to their course. Therefore, the students who aspire to succeed are always committed to their plans despite of anything that happens to them.

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