Philosophy of Student Ministry

Purpose Statement

The reason for our existence is to reveal Christ to people, the one true God who has saved them and given them new life.

Core Pillars

Hunger for God

One must have a hunger that burns within them in regard to knowing God and his ways of immortality. This hunger will drive one into seeking the mysteries of God so that he can reveal them to the rest of creation (1 Peter 2: 2, King James Version).

The Burden for those who are Lost

Every individual must have within them a burden to seek out those who have not come to the knowledge of the truth. This burden will prompt one to spread the good news of salvation around the world (Romans 9: 1-5; King James Version).


Every individual must be separated from the world so that they can learn the ways of God and as such, become a vessel that can reveal the glory of God. Separation in this sense entails setting yourself apart mentally, physically and spiritually as an instrument for the glory of God (John 15: 19; King James Version).

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Personal Salvation

Every person must have an understanding of salvation as well as a relationship with the Lord Jesus. The personal salvation of each individual is of the essence as they will be tasked with spreading the message of salvation to the world (Romans 10: 9-10; King James Version).

Sound Doctrine

The ministry will be based on God’s word as the absolute authority. Teaching the word of God is what entails sound doctrine (1 Timothy 4:6; King James Version). The teaching of the message of the cross and faith in the finished work of Christ will begin one’s journey to immortality and knowing God.



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