Education in The Modern Society

In the modern society, education is solely equated to earnings alternatively of learning. It is a challenging state since most college students enroll in learning institutions for economic reasons rather than gaining education to remedy issues within the society. As a result, many graduates do not have the questioning capacity to comprehend complex problems or meet the expectations of an employer, and this paper analyzes why education is equated with earning and the purpose of greater education.
In the current society, students indulge in courses based totally on the amount of income he/she expects to earn from the particular profession. Moreover, students heighten their education with the expectation that higher education results in more financial income. For instance, an individual who does not go beyond high school does not expect to earn more than someone who has gone through college. On the other hand, a doctor expects to earn more than a nurse among other examples. This is because the current society is more money-oriented than solution based. Even in the learning institutions, students are encouraged to embrace education as the key to success in terms of income. The zeal to earn more income far exceeds the will to provide solutions in the modern society.

Higher education in the modern society is meant to prepare students for the corporate world. After college, individuals are expected to be mentally, socially, and physically prepared to deliver in their areas of specialization. Furthermore, higher education should purpose to provide students with an avenue to expand their knowledge to be helpful to their respective societies. In other words, college should assist individuals to improve their problem-solving skills, comprehension of complex matters, and thinking capacity. Instead of solely focusing on monetary aspects of a profession, students should be motivated to provide solutions on issues affecting the society. In that regard, students ought to be innovative to solve societal issues effectively.

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