national security policy of trump

Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States. He ascended to power in 2016 after comfortably winning elections. Since taking office, he has implemented a number of changes in the United States, including prioritizing international and national security laws, among other things. As a result, the aim of this paper is to provide insight into Trump’s goals.
Priorities of President Trump in International and National Security
President Triumph’s top priority is to defeat Islamic terror groups, including the ISIS group. As a result, the President plans to use coalition ground forces and concerted coordinated operations to track down these lethal gangs. Moreover, the management of President Triumph will associate with worldwide countries and discover the possible methods of cutting funding for those groups. They may also extend intelligence sharing community and boom their cooperation in cyber warfare on the way to disrupt and disorient propaganda and their recruitment avenues. Moreover, in Trump‘s comment regarding foreign policy, he suggested that the US may revive its foreign deployments and aid in Africa. However, he noted that many of such reforms might affect their cooperation with African countries (, 2016).


In conclusion, having in briefly discussed the President Triumph prioritizing security and foreign rules I, therefore, agree with the President’s Triumphs circulate in foreign policy and national security priorities due to the fact they may embody diplomacy now not handiest in America but the entire world due to the fact that these deadly groups have recently been spotted in numerous parts of the world. In addition, I opined that the world has to be aware that human beings journey throughout the globe is not in search for enemies and that people are usually satisfied while their enemies come to be their friends in addition to old friends turning into allies. Therefore, the world becomes peaceful and vibrant while America will become greater reputable and stronger through Triumphs efforts in prioritizing foreign and countrywide security guidelines.

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