The US Travel Ban

The bulk of Americans were excited about Donald Trump’s presidency. His “Make America Great Again” slogan shook every corner of the nation, bringing to light every factor that has stymied American advancement. Nonetheless, it can be argued that his actions, including the travel ban, will really make America “Great Again.”
The proposal would cause the country more trouble than it would solve. There is no government that has placed travel bans on American citizens, for example, although the ban may create some problems. A problem is that the state is ignorant of the fact that the immigrant population brings with the skills and the required expertise that, in combination with the technology in the US, can propel the country and ensure progress. In addition, the immigrant population will become the consumers of the American product, which would widen the current market and increase revenue the country’s industries (Stanbrook, 2017).
In addition, a large part of the immigrant population engages in business start-ups. An economy driven by numerous small enterprises contributes to government through tax revenues (Gostin, 2017). Imposing travel ban deprives the country of the crucial taxes, which burdens the economy as it will only depend on natives’ contributions, a majority of whom are minors or above age 65 years incapable of engaging in income generating activity (Gostin, 2017). They rely on the working population, which increases the dependency ratio.
In addition, tourism alone contributes to the budget with approximately $246 billion each year, and over 8.1 million people are working in the industry (Gostin, 2017). Still, continued stop and frisk threaten the security of the potential visitors who have to wait longer in the airports and be treated as suspects. More tourists would divert to other friendly nations, which would deprive the country of needed revenue. Although security of the state is of high importance, the economy needs to thrive as well. Therefore, the travel ban would lead to negative consequences and would not be a solution of the problem with terrorism, while modernizing security surveillance could appear of assistance.

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