Similarities between previous elections and presidencies and most recent (current) election and administrations

To begin with, millions of Americans protested that President Barack Obama was not a legal president since he was not an original citizen of the United States by birth and traced his ancestry to the African continent, specifically an East African nation named Kenya. Similarly, during their latest elections of Donald Trump, many people circulated messages that Trump was not my president and that his victory lacks credibility due to the Russian people’s intervention. The results of both the two elections, for instance, the first term winning of President Obama and that of president Trump were a shock to many people in the world with President Obama’s case being that of a minority ascending to power in a white dominant state. President Trump was also viewed as an ethical with no any experience to political leadership but was able to be victorious. In both cases the citizens sighting the need for change.

It is also important to note that unlike previous elections, these two elections brought about a high level of interest from the international community. In most cases, the Americans received praises on the pace they were to set to the world allowing diversity and inclusivity in the leading role of the country that is the presidency.

A common trend associated with these two elections is the high-level appreciation of the diversity of the American people. With regards to everyone having a chance to articulate and deliver on their promises. It is considered that Americans do vote based on signs of progress just like president Obama campaigned on the slogan “Yes We Can” signifying that all the people were needed in Nation building followed by promises of progress. As to the same core, Donald Trump campaigned on the slogan of “Make America Great gain” implying that there was a need to reconstruct America to regain its lost glory and create more jobs for the citizens.

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