What Fox News and CNN said about Mugabe’s resignation

Three days ago, the world was stunned to hear that Robert Mugabe, who had ruled the country for 37 years, had actually resigned. The news ignited joyous celebrations not only in the region but around the world. The most exciting factor, though, is how various news sources recapped the case. For eg, BBC News and Fox News broadcasted the news with distinct catchy headlines.
The CNN update on earlier military demands that Mugabe resign came with the press headline “Mugabe gives a national speech but does not resign,” and the report lasted 1 minute and 53 seconds. The other counterparts, FOX News presented the report in 2 minutes 45 seconds long time with a caption announcing that Mugabe urged to resign or face impeachment.

The CNN comments at the screen depicts that “Mugabe says He’ll preside over ZANU-PF congress.” Another comment read that “Defiant Zimbabwean president refuses to step down.” Below the above comments, it was also captioned that, “Mugabe’s wife Grace expelled from ZANU-PF party. The Fox News alert said that “Governing Party Gives Mugabe until noon Monday to resign.

The CNN commentator, A Zimbabwean constitutional lawyer, said that she was disappointed in the failure of Mr. Mugabe to resign; however his defiance to resign was expected, it wasn’t a surprise. Conor Powell’s view regarding the resignation said Mugabe was well known for stepping up against colonialism, improved the education and medical sector in Zimbabwe. However, he was a dictator.

Today, the news channels have different ways of presenting news to its audience. The CNN news was shorter but precise. The Fox News also presented its news adequately, but I found to trust the CNN news since its commentator was a citizen of Zimbabwe, a constitutional lawyer whom I believe understood much regarding the state of the nation rather than Mr. Powell who presented his views live from Jerusalem.

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