MTAP for College Student

As a college student pursuing a bachelor’s degree at the University of Maryland, the Maryland Transfer Advantage Program is an outstanding opportunity for me. While attending Maryland University, I would have the opportunity to complete a degree at my community college. The University of Maryland is a learning institution that strives to create an environment that represents each student’s unique creativity and talents, which makes me want to be a part of this community. From my research and the information I get from my friends, I have to learn that the University of Maryland is a prestigious institution which has a high importance and attention towards all its students. I have an interest in this program because I see the University giving them learners’ wishing to pursue their studies there a warm reception with compassion. The university also is highly respected in our nation and across the globe. The program will grant me an opportunity of getting lessons from the knowledgeable staff in the university. I will have a chance of gaining new knowledge and skills that will boost my confidence and make me be competitive and stand out in the job market and develop my career. The program will also present flexible and convenient learning options. Thus, my classes will fit when I have a busy life schedule,
I believe that the Maryland transfer advantage program will have a tremendous impact on my education. The program will enable me to continue with my studies away from the University of Maryland and still manage to have an admission. The program interests me since it will give me an opportunity of accessing different resources that I have not able to previously use. The resources that I will access include taking my classes at the University of Maryland campus. The program will be advantageous and time-saving since I will easily receive the guidelines of the course that I should be taking. The program will also enable me easily access the university’s grants and scholarships, receive recommendations from the faculty and also get discounts for my course at the University of Maryland.
The program will be motivating, and I will have an experience of studying in two different learning institutions. This will be encouraging, and it will boost my potential of accomplishing a lot in my academics. I believe that I will receive great support from my advisors from both my community college and the University of Maryland. The advisors provide the students with sufficient information, which helps in making sound decisions.
It is evident that the Maryland Transfer advantage program presents numerous benefits that are helpful to the learners. The program will enable me to take a course up to nine credits at a reduced rate, and this will be for three semesters. This is an attractive package because it will help me to save some money. I will have a guaranteed admission of joining the University of Maryland if I can meet all the Maryland transfer advantage program requirements.
I am also interested in the program because I am meeting the eligible qualification, which is being a high school graduate, and having an enrollment in a partnering community college. My cumulative GPA is above 3.0, and I have all the requirements. My goal is to continue to perform exemplary well in my studies because it will be advantageous to my future career. I believe that the Maryland transfer advantage program will help me achieve my career goals. I think that I possess all that is needed to complete the transfer requirements and my future goal is eventually attending the University of Maryland.

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