I’ve had the pleasure of sitting with three UAE students in the same class over the last three months for an exchange between their schools and ours. The four-month program aims to share ideas between the participants in our school and theirs about petroleum technology. For me, however, I admired their culture and how the relationship between people is decided. As a Muslim state predominantly, people of the other sexes do not interact freely as our societies are. I have mentioned that I respect everyone’s culture from my experiences. Culture determines our identity and it is important that each person is able to follow the required values.
Culture has offered me a different perspective of looking at the world how it has shaped us. Each person has a unique identity and value systems as dictated by the cultural background. I have been able to value each person even if we differ on our cultural believes. There are lots to learn from other cultures by appreciating value systems of other people. Culture affect one’s believes and value system hence learning other culture has helped me to deeply understand myself. Understanding of other people’s culture is important aspects of bring unity among different people globally. We need to take our differences as the way God has uniquely created us to play different roles here in earth. The cultural differences are indication of our different potentials and future careers. It is important to learn important cultural artifacts and practices so as to ensure smooth interactions among different people. People need to regard their differences as natural beauty because they enable us to have a complete wholeness.

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