Technology is one of the most prominent drivers of change in the society

Technology is one of the leading forces of social change. Thus, in relation to economic opportunities, social contact, human interactions and effects on the service-led economy, the analysis will consider particular technological aspects.
The idea of technology changed our life and was acknowledged for the role of creating massive economic opportunities. This is because the use of technology is taken into account in almost all aspects of human life. However, technology has not flattened the planet in terms of economic opportunities. It should be noted. This is based on the fact the countries of the world do not have equal access to the use of technology. Countries with higher technologies benefit more regarding economic opportunities when compared with countries with limited access to technologies, (Wyatt, 2000).

There is need to note that the introduction of the digital media has changed the climate of social interaction and human connections. The primary forms of physical communication that present in the world before the introduction of digital media has been eroded. Most people currently spend their time communicating on social media and the likes. Hence the society now losing out on the benefits associated with physical, social interaction and human connection, (Zhan et al.2016).

A technology service driven economy comes with some advantage. Hence, I am of the opinion that my country will change for the better as it moves closer to the adoption of service driving economy, (Martin, 2001). A technology service-driven economic offer the benefits of ease and speedy completion of transactions; hence my country will carry out more operations within a limited time, thus resulting in tremendous resources available for economic growth and development, (Brynjolfsson & Saunders, 2009).

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