Why the Number of Common Core Math Standards should be reduced

There is a need to reduce the common core Math requirements for a variety of reasons. For starters, the standards’ ambiguity makes it challenging for both students and teachers to understand the issue. Because of their lack of comprehension and low success in Math, parents, educators, and teachers are often disappointed. Owing to the tensions and pressures it places on communities, experts have labeled these expectations as a social and academic failing. Since today’s culture is dominated by intensified family feuds and instability, it is critical to have education programs that fill the holes left by the consequences of such an environment. However, the standards have proven to result in the opposite because besides family responsibilities and expectations students have from their families, they are forced to grapple with the complex standards that result in poor performance and disappointments. Further, the enrollment of students in high school level for Math courses will reduce if the standards are not reduced.

Secondly, the number should be reduced because recent statistics have proven that it has become increasingly unpopular among teachers and the general public. States such as Indiana, South Carolina and Oklahoma have scrapped Common core standards. The reason behind this unpopularity is the increased standardized testing introduced by common core. This has underscored a great shift in society’s view about education. It is viewed to encourage a materialistic view about education, that is, education is aimed at nurturing social power, intelligence and interests and ignoring the moral responsibility that schools have in society.

Third, common core standards have obliterated the rights of parents to control and choice on whether or not their children will study common core. The standards are written by two non-profit organizations namely; the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association. Teachers, parents and education specialists were not involved in the evaluation, implementation, and review of common core. These standards dictate that States can only modify less that fifteen percent of the standards and the remaining eighty five percent is up to the organizations that own the copyright. Since the common core document is referred to as a living document that will evolve in future, it is important that the number of standards are reduced to maintain and guarantee control to parents on their children’s education. It will also ensure that the curriculum does not inevitably change completely to conform to the standards. In fact, without a reduction in the number of standards, it would force the adoption of a Math curriculum which is inadequate to prepare and train students for the demanding STEM fields.

In conclusion, it is evident that generally, common core math standards are not aimed at improving American education. On the contrary, they can be termed as socialist experiments that will eventually impose an egalitarian and inflexible education scheme that will drastically harm how Math is taught in schools. It is therefore important to reduce the standards to enable the study of math less complex and to ensure that teachers are able and ready to handle the set requirements in conformity with the standards.

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