Image 8.0 Formal Analysis

The content material of artwork may posit numerous aspects in the environment as nicely as human life in the community. As such, this image portrays a number contexts of the human society. The author seemed to have captured the photograph to highlight the major factors of progress in the background. It expresses different emotional, social and physical environmental status in the surrounding of the character. A picture might also communicate myriad thematic concepts from the author’s backgrounds in the piece of literature. As a result, Dorothea Lange makes use of image 8.0 in “The Migrant Mother” to specific various themes in the introduced community. Apparently the mother is on the verge of constant migration and struggle for life in these contexts.
First, the picture presents a depressed mother in the company of her children. Such conditions may postulate the absence of the father of the kids. The expressions on their faces display an abject level of poverty in the family. The children seem to be crying while the parent is worried and sad in the event. At the same time, some of the children are crying while leaning on their mother. This may help to highlight the theme of hunger and poverty. Poverty and hunger are some of the most influential themes evidence in the picture that tends to exist across the image. The mother has a depressed look with the children leaning and crying over her shoulders to help in heightening the level of dissatisfaction within the family. They have to struggle through tough times of poverty and hunger for longer distances without food as presented in the present case.

Similarly, the clothe attire of these people points at a poor family struggling with every aspect of life as well. Thus, we relate the background to the general conditions of many people in the developing where poverty carries the day for many. Many cannot manage to afford a day’s meal besides good clothing as those depicted in this photo. The setting of the photo further highlights the fact that these people are very sad and dejected. It is painful to imagine the situation of the mother as she thinks about her next move with children most of which are exhausted and may not manage moving any further without replenishments. They have no permanent resident; they seem to be settling in a temporary cave before they start thinking of where to go and what to do next along their journey. Such conditions may draw the attention of the audience into reading and associating with characters in the story.

Moreover, one can argue that there is an evidence of family and social violence in the prospects of the author’s intentions. No male parental figure appears in the image. The father might have been the origin of all the problems the woman is facing in this condition. He is absent from the ongoing situations because perhaps he might have chased the family members away in a violent way. In the contemporary society, violence plays a central role in the migration and division of families and communities. At the same time, it is a clear illustration of disastrous impacts of nature in the society. One may be moved into investigating the aftermath of every decision in this context.

Concisely, the picture combines numerous aspects of narrations of the story. It invokes the emotions and arouses concentrations of readers into understanding the challenges faced by the mother in the title.

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