What motivates a person to learn is also similarly universal. Human beings appear to be creatures that are universal and are obligated to exist. What motivates me to work from this viewpoint is a mixture of variables such as rewards, penalties. The challenge and innate drive to work (overcoming practical fixedness). In various situations, these elements are significant in driving me, there are cases where bonuses can work and rewards may perform well in others. Incentives perform well in situations that cause me to limit my concentration on the subject matter, but the narrow approach does not operate in circumstances that require a person to think out of the box. Punishments are effective in various scenarios but usually are harmful then they are effective. I find incentives much more effective as opposed to punishment. Working or operating under fear robs the individual of the willingness to work and is more like slavery. As a matter of fact, it may result in instances of retaliation thus motivate the individual negatively leading them to commit acts of sabotage and vandalism in worst case scenarios.
Additionally, overcoming functional fixedness is a major boost to my motivation to work. It is an avenue to learn and as such entices me a great deal. There is often a sense of fulfillment that comes once an individual has overcome a challenge and learnt a new lesson form it. This type of motivation is often intrinsic and helpful in ensuring that the individual can solve scenarios that require out of the box thinking. As a matter of fact, intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivation is the encouraged mode of operation in the 21st century. Often learning and working are intertwined and as such what motivates working can by extension encourage learning.

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