Hadrian’s vs Trump’s wall

There is a heated debate concerning both the Trump wall and Hadrian`s wall, maybe you have heard about it, right? In case the answer is a no, here are the details concerning the two walls. Initially, walls were built because it was believed that they were one of the effective ways of dealing with the intruders; even in situations where the intruders were a member of the family. The Hadrian`s Wall was constructed to discrete Romans from the Picts tribe in Scotland (Daryl 6). The was allowed the soldiers to monitor the movement of the people living in the North of Hadrian`s wall as well as control individuals who passed through the wall. Trump`s wall, on the other hand, was a proposed construction of a wall that was meant to act as a border between the United States and Mexico (Jenkins 3). Although the ideologies of the two walls were developed in different eras, they both have similarities and differences.

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One of the similarities between the two walls is that they were both built not only to separate one region from the other but to also control the individuals living in the different regions. Trump`s wall was meant to act as a border between the United States and Mexico (Daryl 6). Notably, it was believed that the wall would aid in preventing individuals from illegally crossing over to the United States from Mexico. The Hadrian`s wall, on the other hand, was built to act as a barrier that would separate the Picts tribe in Scotland from the Romans. In addition, the wall would provide room for the soldiers to monitor and control the movement and activities of the individuals entering and leaving Roman Britain (Jenkins 3). In essence, the walls were meant to separate various regions as well as control the activities of the people in those different regions.

One of the differences between the two walls is that whereas the reasons as to why Hadrian`s Wall was constructed is well-known, the situation is different for Trump`s wall. The Hadrian`s Wall was constructed to prevent the individuals in Scotland from posing military threats to those in Roman. Apparently, although the wall might have aided in preventing individuals from crossing one region to another illegally, the situation is different from how events occur currently. The advancement in technology, as well as an individual`s ways of thinking, can make people come up with ways of getting under or over the barriers and cross to the other region (Daryl 6). Trump should take advantage of the technology and install a virtual wall that is comprised of surveillance systems.

Hadrian believed in the power of architecture and as a result, he built walls that were comprised of stones and woods across the regions that were not protected by natural barriers. His move acted as a statement of policy since the wall acted as a shining wall between the civilized nation and the turmoil that was beyond. On the other hand, Trump`s wall resulted in an unending war instead of solving the differences. It can be argued that the wall was built to satisfy Trump`s desire for separating the United States from the duplicity and disorder of the outside nations (Jenkins 3).

In essence, initially, walls were built to offer protection to regions as well as control and monitor the movement of people from one region to another. The walls also aided in preventing people from moving from one region to another without consent from the authority. Trump`s and Hadrian`s wall has similarities and differences. However, the most important thing is that the leaders of the two regions desired to protect the residents of their nations from external influences.


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