Charter Schools Libraries

Libraries play an important role in the educational process because they provide students with a place to read and conduct study (Chandler, 2015). As a result, the aim of this study will be to address the following main questions, as well as some minor ones, about the need for libraries in charter schools.
Why are there no libraries in charter schools?
Is it possible to build libraries in charter schools?
What are the advantages of having a library in a learning institution, such as a charter school?
There are no libraries in charter schools because there is no money set aside to build them and supply them with sufficient reading materials. Libraries play an important role in enhancing student achievement because they instill a reading habit in students who find it interesting to read and research widely.

The thought to have libraries in charter schools has been ringing on my mind for a while; hence, I shared the same with my colleagues and neighbours. The thought to research on why these schools lack libraries and how kids are affected was drawn from my personal experience with my 11-year-old child. At her school, they are deprived of reading and researching due to the lack of libraries. As I shared this experience with my colleagues, it was quite successful because all of them were able to understand the situation. Most of them had issues with reading and writing until they were exposed to books, particularly through the libraries. My only worry is convincing the law makers to pass a law mandating budget allocation for constructing libraries in charter schools. However, the successful discussions with the School Board and other parents will assist in making the law makers understand the situation. With support from these groups, I am quite confident that charter schools will have libraries that will benefit the kids greatly.


Chandler, M. (2015, March 10). The Need for Libraries in Charter Schools. Retrieved from Washington Post:

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