Writing is a recursive and continuous act

Writing is a cyclical and continuous act that necessitates responsibility for the details used. Accountability is derived from a thorough understanding of the types and tone associated with the field of research, including publications and articles (Langan). Surface characteristics such as MLA paper formatting, grammar, pronunciation, and mechanics do not stymie a good writer. As a novelist, the achievement should be your first priority. Often an individual has good ideas, but if they can’t be presented correctly, they won’t be effective in English 1102 either.
In that case, it is imperative that writers ensure better analysis, creativity while articulating essays, better creation of thesis statements, and good punctuations.
For future success in English 1102, a writer and critical thinker must learn how to promote better analysis. This comes with strategic and correct use of citations and available sources judiciously. Citations are essential elements, which will determine how in-depth you are knowledgeable about the area of study. With English 1102, a good citation must follow the rules of an MLA paper. Sources used during citations must be judiciously presented for successful persuasion of the audience. For that reason, there is the need to having enough evidence, which supports the thesis of the paper. The sources must be concrete and sufficient to convince the audience.

The creativity involved in writing an English 1102 paper is determined by logical progression of main ideas. The paragraphs and evidence must be organized in a linear sequence, which involves transitions and signals phrases. Within the logical progression of ideas, some verbs will signal the audience about an agreement or disagreement with the available evidence. Readers should have enough information so that they will continue reading the ideas presented in the paper. This implies that you are paying attention to what your audience expects from your writing. Also, creativity can result in the creation of a good thesis statement. Therefore, a good thesis statement is justified by good ideas, which also form part of an interesting and analyzable argument. After all, writing an English 1102 will be about excellent communication of ideas.

Moreover, a good writer can fail to become successful because of elements of bad habits. These include problem with time management, absence, and distractions (Turabian). They will contribute to the writer’s weakness. Therefore, any key to productivity is to avoid behaviors, which lead to poor management, distractions, and absence. You can start by tampering factors that can cause distractions. It is just a matter of turning off the internet, email, and the cellphone. In articulating good ideas within the paper, techniques such as internal dialogue, meditation, and deep breathing are critical elements for productivity when it comes to writing an English 1102 paper.

Procrastination is another element of weakness, which has proven to be a difficult habit to overcome. However, there are three skills, which can be useful when you happened to be a person who likes procrastination. These skills include self-management, social management, and task management. A good English writer should know how to manage a social life, education life, and different tasks, which comes with them. Also, improving on personal writing skills is more than just the technical know-how. It essential that classes and writing studios are attended on time. The student should get involved in the school activities, which will strengthen the ability to interact with other students from the same field of study.

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