Waiting and the God of Small Things

Throughout his life, this character seems to be indecisive and cynical. He tends to be mentally dysfunctional, allowing others to influence his life rather than take care of it. He does not fight for what he wants in life but just accepts whatever comes his way. Despite his understanding of Shuyu’s position last year, he struggles to demonstrate the severity of his wife’s refusal to grant him a divorce for several years.
In reality, he does not seem to want the divorce because he has Shuyu at home and Manna at work. As much as the determinant to marrying his lover is the consent of her wife to the divorce, it is evident that he sees no good in anyone especially Shuyu who bore him a daughter and took care of his aging parents. Even after marrying his love Manna, it was expected that his life would change for the better though gradually, but soon he falls out with her. It is my contention, therefore, that Lin is solely responsible for his seemingly miserable life.

Why does GengYeng rape Manna?

Geng Yeng is a contrast of Lin Kong in all aspects. He is uneducated, go-getter who knows what he wants in life and very rough emotionally. Even though that does not give him go ahead to commit such a crime, he still does it and takes advantage of the fading romance between Manna and Lin. Before admission to the army, all women had to be virgins, and there was a physical examination to determine that. Therefore, after her sexual relations with Lin Kong and then the rape ordeal, she is no longer pure, hence the reference by the author as no longer the “pure old maid.”

How Lin feels about his wife’s voice that still seems to resonant with life

Lin’s wife as described in the novel is traditional, caring, homely and a forgiving mother, unlike his husband. Lin feels the profound contrast between how he has lived his life without a sense of pride and courage. He feels that his wife can relate well with people and regardless of him not being around him for so long and considering her ugly, even in her voice she feels that she has lived her life, as she should without so many regrets.

The God of Small Things

Love laws are a set of standards, principles in the society, which are entrenched in people’s minds, such that regardless of their implications, they feel and consider them as acceptable norms. They form a basis on whom, how and how much people should love one another. In my opinion, the society does not need such laws because they contravene the essence of true love. People should not be forced into relationships and should not follow a particular order on whom they should love. As we have seen in the book, love laws cause sadness and grief because of the implications of breaking the love laws, it should not be the case in a free society.

Rahel and Estha have constantly been referred to as two –egg twins by the author. This is because he wants to emphasize their closeness and their joint identities. Despite the differences in their physical appearance, their thoughts and deeds seem intertwined. Regardless of growing up separately when one is sent to their grandparents, they later reconnect, as it seems they are destined to be always together for eternity.

Kochamma is depicted in the novel as a self- centered and a mean character. In a story of good people with good deeds, her character is vital to put in the balance. I think the author decides not to kill her so that she can let her experience the consequences of her past actions. In the end, as much as she is in control of the said house, she is miserable and unmarried who still figures out what to make of her life.

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