Three theories on government exist in America. In the pluralism of society, the dominant government takes a perspective of policy and decision-making. Non-governmental organizations, however, use their resources to manipulate policies (Michael, pg.5). A dominating factor in the structure or culture resides in elitist democracy. The majority classes are developed along lines of intelligence, knowledge, talent, intrinsic, and heritage that are considered constructive for society but end up affecting authority (Lowell and Higley, pg.3). Hyper-pluralism, on the other hand, is a government theory in which many groups and elements are so strong that the government stumbles on its decisions and is unable to carry out its duties (Michael, pg.22).

In the United States of America, pluralism carries the day since lobbyists influence the government. European countries refer to the US as to having legalized corruption. In 2016, candidates running for office spent $6.4 billion on campaigns while power brokers spent $3.15 billion to impact on the government in Washington (Bohlen, pg.1). Pluralism makes more sense since lobbyists influence political dimensions for their own gains.

I concur with Bill O’Reilly that there is a cultural war, case in point where Christians are demeaned off their culture. They are restricted from singing carols and putting up Christmas trees. People rights were formed on the basis of God and not the government. In some schools, kids are not allowed to sing carols, schools are not allowed to have Christmas trees. The threatening has gone along to schools, it is something well known. There is an attack on faith, there is a misconception that America is an atheist group and anything related to faith is a violation of the law (Kate Obenshain). There was an instance where stores were ordered not to sell Christmas trees five years ago. Merry Christmas might be made obsolete (Bill O’Reilly). Kristen Powers argues that culture war in the US is done and agents perceive it as a suppression to the state, they are misguided, ACLU defends Christians according to her. She goes on to say that these attacks are okay since they are not based on faith, Christmas trees are not in the bible (Kristen Powers). According to her, the attacks are valid since they don’t restrict Christianity as a religion.

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