the national security

In many cases, the federal courts in the United States assist the government in enforcing national security. For example, they may engage in making a decision that greatly contributes to striking a balance between national security interests and those of protecting citizens’ constitutional rights (Bekiempis et al. 1). Furthermore, the federal court maintains that those engaged in acts of crime face trial. In the United States, the federal government provides institutions such as healthcare where injured offenders are placed so that they can face punishment later.
Effects of Federal Courts on Terrorism and Immigration
Recently, New York Police Department has expressed concern over the use of ID card in a federal court as they related to terrorism. The court has upheld and remained sensitive to acts related to national security. One such acts concerns terrorism. Further, the immigrant advocacy want the federal court to destroy some of the programs such as municipal ID card arguing that it present a considerable risk for terrorism (Robbins 1). It is argued that undocumented immigrants can use the card to prove their identity. Until the case is heard again, the court’s position is that government is a better position to offer and guarantee national security to its citizens under the present policy concerned with immigration. This is one of the many cases dealt with in 2016. The year saw federal courts affect national security positively by referring some of these cases to the Appeals Courts. They focused on matter that appeared to elicit hatred among the citizen focused at urging individuals to join terror groups.
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