the federal bureaucracy

Americans are skeptical of the federal bureaucracy’s scale, but traditionally, it has expanded in response to political demands from the American people. Is limited government a plausible prospect, given the American people’s aspirations of their government?
The United States government has been in service for over 200 years. At the time of independence, the founding fathers envisioned a simple and restricted role for the country’s central government. The government’s primary duty was to secure the nation’s stability as well as to maintain domestic tranquillity, thus ensuring public peace. At the time, the government has minimal responsibility in regards to the domestic economy.
American people recognized the government’s capacity for growth. Therefore, they added into the Constitution the Bill of Rights to protect individuals’ rights against interference by the state. Despite undertaking significant measures to prevent the state from trampling economic and personal liberties of the American people, these liberties are increasingly being eroded. Currently, the United States government is a principal actor in the American economy. The government has used regulation to impose its hidden cost in the economy by manipulating the country’s price structure, therefore, inhibiting innovation and mutually beneficial exchanges.
Although, the American people may want a small government this may not be a realistic undertaking. For instance, the government employs more Americans than the entire manufacturing sector of the country. In the last 26 years, the federal government spent over 2.6 trillion USD to provide welfare and aids to various cities in the country. Moreover, the 1987 farmers acquired a significant amount of money subsidies from the government than the money they acquired trading their crops in the market place. Thus, farmers in American mainly produce their products for the government instead of consumers in the United States. The government has further strengthened its economic might by acquiring a significant amount levying sales, property, as well as payroll taxes.

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