Growing up tethered is a chapter that discusses how teenagers’ beliefs, behavior, social interactions, and feelings about themselves shift. Turkle, the author, contends that today’s teens are obsessed with technology and their cell phones. Cellular technologies have an effect on their adult growth and development. Teenagers are so engrossed in their cellphones and technology that it is affecting their social relationships. They are glued to their screens for long periods of time and have no time for the people around them. Turkle did an experiment with one of the students called Maury and observed that Maury would willing to stand up to her friend just for her to know the unknown caller on her cellphone. Many people take for granted those whom they have around them and find it difficult, tiresome and annoying to set up a get-together with friends. Some extreme behaviors that are observed include texting while driving and being overly excited to pick unknown calls. Being overly attached to the technology, may not be the best for the current and future generations. It is therefore paramount to avoid the bad effects of technology in our lives and embrace the positive aspects.

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