St. Edward’s Experience Essay

For the last five years, the prospect of starting my own company has served as a motivator for me to pursue my life goals. Such an undertaking will appeal to me not only as a means of earning money but also as a means of self-realization and actualization. I’m intrigued by how dedicated individuals succeed in business despite the stigma attached to professionalism. Because of the dangers associated with industry and entrepreneurship, most people are drawn to professions such as law, pharmacy, and engineering. Skilled careers necessitate a great deal of bravery, ingenuity, and imagination. Very few people keep up with demanding levels of dedication, perseverance, and diligence necessary to become successful traders. Coming up with a novel idea and its implementation has proved to be a daunting task for many individuals amidst a market which is highly saturated with different goods and service. This, however, happens to be a desire and a calling for me.

The United States possesses a task force of highly skilled individuals who are involved in world-leading successful enterprises. These companies and the vast wealth of skills are the leading factors that made me come to the country. The advanced technology alongside efficient management and business development practices are very desirable. My decision to progress my studies in the U.S rather than Russia was informed in part by the fact that I would get an opportunity to learn from the highly skilled and successful business persons in the country. Some of these entrepreneurs have had to start their businesses from scratch. Through hard work and good decision making, their companies have gained global recognition and much respect. Their achievements reflect the importance of personal attributes. I believe that networking with such people would be a strong impetus in the pursuit of by business goals.

Many people have convictions that becoming a successful business person is difficult. They usually give reasons which are not concrete. Their reasons for the difficulties include the following: the low probability of success, the aggressive market competition, and the risks that lead to losses. In the long run, such people tend to be poorly positioned for success in the entrepreneurial world. Am entirely convinced that it is always possible to develop one’s ideas into a prosperous venture. Only radicle people can do this. Personally, I consciously shun pessimism and people who exude negative energy. I am always ready to take up challenges with zeal and enthusiasm towards my set goals.

During my stay in Austin, I gained a great wealth of experience due to my struggles in speaking English. In many occasions, I never understood what my friends and other people were saying. To remedy this, I found myself trying to analyze the American accent, contextual clues of the conversation, and the punctuation of words which helped me immensely. One of the causes for this was that back in Russia I learned British English instead of American English. I resolved to hold conversations with Americans which also proved to be difficult as I felt as if I were still speaking in Russian. My persistence and commitment to learning the new language, despite the hard English classes at Austin Community College, made me approach teachers personally. They would clarify the meanings of words and the construction of sensible sentences. With time, I saw my grammar improve to a level which was above average.

My experience was an evidence of how valuable communication can be and the barriers posed by language barriers. It also made me understand some of the challenges that my brother has to endure as he worked as a translator in a multinational. Although he has to cope with the multiple languages around him, the company has been successful in its extensive work and roles. This knowledge is instrumental in equipping one with adaptability for many professions, especially my entrepreneurial pursuit. In business, I will get to meet very many people from all around the globe. Communication is critical in creating relations that lead to success. Interaction with international traders will also help me gain more experience in the business.

I strongly believe that St. Edward’s University will help me achieve my goals of having my own business by building skills and abilities. Your small classes which maximize the contact and interaction between the students and the teachers offers more learning opportunities. Teachers take up a noble task of instilling ideas and providing advice to students which prepare them for their future engagements. I always value the experiences passed down by teachers. They help one learn how to deal with different situations even before the real experience comes. This is fundamental for establishing one’s life. I am confident that I will obtain and use the skills that I gain at St. Edward’s University for in reaching my goals of becoming a successful business person.

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