Spirituality is the infinite consciousness of an individual.

Spirituality is an individual’s own infinite consciousness. The ultimate purpose of life, according to spirituality, is to integrate the mind of a person into infinite consciousness, and the best way to do this is through meditation and related practices. Meditation, on the other hand, has been defined as the process of engaging the mind with an individual’s intrinsic source of consciousness (the value of prayer and meditation) (2014). Because of the many proven benefits associated with them, spirituality and meditation is just one way teachers can use to form and enhance the lives of their learners. To begin with, it increases the creativity and concentration of the learners thus improving academic performance. Secondly, spirituality and meditation enables the learners to cope with stress at school. Thirdly, it has many health benefits on the learners. For example, it reduces the risk of heart complications and reduces blood pressure. Finally, spirituality enhances moral uprightness, hence reducing incidences of bad behavior in school.

Prayer and meditation on a daily basis enables learners to clear their minds of worry and stress, and allows tension and discomfort to melt away. This is important for healing on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level. Thus, introduction of spirituality and meditation in schools offers the learners an extra edge for success that they can carry with them for their entire lives.

Increasing diversity of the student population in the United States necessitates new measures to enhance cultural and social responsiveness in schools. Cultural and social responsiveness enhances good relationships with learners of one’s own culture and those from other cultures. Firstly, teachers can improve culturally and socially responsible students by matching classroom instruction to the norms of the society. This will allow for social interaction to enhance social skills development. Secondly, teachers should use culturally responsive and respectful approaches in character education, social skill instruction, and discipline.


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