Sketches of Am: Comedy Media

Sketch indicates include comedy programmers aired on televisions featuring the crew of short scenes which are performed through comedians and actors. The mirror sketch and crowded room plan have contributed to the current comedy and has brought a vast impact on the society for over many years. The internet plan shows have become famous since are easily observed on YouTube posted by some channels. This essay discusses three sketch indicates aired on televisions.
“That Mitchell and Webb look show.”
It is evident from the show that David Mitchell and Robert Webb emerge as a large range of sketches that is recurring with many skits that are innovative. Many of the characters in this comedy show were initially featured in the duos radio show called “that Mitchell and Webb sound” (Poore 183). Numberwang is sketched a game show with Julie and Simon are the contestants and shout out numbers till the host declares it shows. Number-shaped cakes and trampolines are the props used, and the contestants are shouting the names insistently and repeatedly while laughing and having funny face changes till the audience find it interesting (Poore 179). Simon is made the hero of the day, and Julie loses with consequences which include the arrest by police and stuffing in a card box.

Ted and peter: Ted Wilkes and Peter Decoursey are played by Mitchell and Robert respectively where they act drinking and attempt to kill themselves, and they appear stupid (Managan 126). They take a lot of alcohol giving one another beer pitchers with shots and poking each other. They drive when drunk and eventually reach home despite driving over other cars while they should not have been on the road. The Surprising Adventures of Sir DigbyChicken Caesar sketch is a tramp played by Robert who pretends to be the sharp adventurer. Ginger played by Mitchell together do many crimes by fighting the henchmen. They put funny faces and pretend to a man that there is a thief so that they can rob him and ran a human race, and some point have sound pretending to be vehicles(Managan 132). The honeymoon’s over show describes David having a mean, rude and condescending character by substituting staff members in different jobs. He demeans his consumers and makes them feel unsettled. The way they dress also causes the audience to laugh and have fun. They even insult the restraint goers as the waiters(Poore 183). “We saw you here last week drinking your soup, dunking bread and watched you through the monitors of the kitchen and thought you were a dick.”

“The Kids in the Hall” show

The sketch comprises of popular comedians such as Mark McKinney, Dave Foley, Scott Thompson, Kevin McDonald and Bruce McCulloch. A recurring contestant Tyzik (McKinney) pretends to crush the heads of people with fingers at a distance. He also acted as a human-chicken hybrid with a shrill-voice that was sexually exciting. McCulloch worked as Cabbage Head who had cabbage instead of hair to get women to bed with him(Wyatt 48). The kids played both male and female characters all along the show. Cabbage Head sketch the player having the leaves of cabbage in his head like hair and smoke cigarettes with a red smoking jacket. He spends all his time seducing women with his cabbage head gathering for pity(Wyatt 67). In one episode, he is shot by a feminist (McCulloh) in the head while in a bar and almost died and realizes God was saying he is created in His image and takes God to have cabbage head. Later he attends a Christian talk about escaping death.

The Chicken Lady sketch has McKinney acting as half human and half chicken to frighten people and talks like a chicken with white furry hairs making an audience laugh. In one episode, she remembers when she was young and in a building while other kids had the party. One kid is brought inside as a “sex encounter” (Heinz 77). In another one, she is in the club with Bearded Lady (McDonald), and she disappears after seeing dancer Rooster (Thompson) on the podium and goes to ask for money as the host tells him not to get in the stage. She shouts making some ladies scare away and sit down abruptly. She goes to the stage and expresses her sexual desires to the dancer, and suddenly a blast happens, and she is terrified breathing heavily. The Flying pig sketch shows McCulloch playing this role entertaining people at machines of the bank and other line-ups. He comes flying in a pig like attire shouting “Hello everybody” and they all wave amuzingly.With continuing line and many waiting he shows up and presents himself calling out “Oink Oink!” and tells the people not to worry. He rotates in the air trying to make the people laugh, and they are all entertained and after flies away after the line grow thin.

“The Armstrong and Miller Show”

This is a comedy sketch of Alexander Armstrong featuring Ben Miller. Many sketches are performed with recurring characters. A caring father (Armstrong) is an incentive and not able to solve the problems of his son. The son watches surprisingly as the father talks to him in the garden.Also, Roger (acted by Miller) gets back home and realizes that the wife and best friend have affairs and demand for explanation(Heinz 77). Different characters (acted by Armstrong) comprise the Kids TV presenter who has double sidekicks who initiate talking with others. Here they have belts on the shirts, and it appears funnyafter they leave the room, he shouts “kill them” in an evil tone. He even tries spoken words on the TV and makes the audience shouts due to the manner he pronounces the words. Other sketches include the striding business man (Armstrong) who has a team of researchers giving him useless information and later fired alongside with Miranda (Armstrong)and Pru(miller) who try to have run a hotel without arguing with the consumers until the customers highlight their difficulties (Turk 120). He appears confused on the corridors and runs all over making it funny even after the team calls him.

“The prince show”

The sketch displays the memory of Prince and Beyoncé performance at the 46th Grammy Awards. Fred Armisen (Prince) and Maya (Beyoncé) head to the couch after Prince plays guitar and most of the time whispers to Beyoncé on anything he wants(Day, Amber, and Ethan Thompson 173). When appearing to play the guitar on the show, he tiptoes, and his outlook enjoys the audience with his dancing and as he calls Beyoncé. When they have a guest, Prince Whispers at the ears of Beyoncé and her explanation to the guest is amusing. Along with many sketches in the show, Prince disappears during many talks especially when they have guests. The plan appears in season 31 episode with Prince as the musical guest. The show is portrayed on Saturday Night Live, and the culture of Prince Displays with designs that are enjoyable and comedian (Day, Amber and Ethan Thompson 179).


Sketch shows have influenced live performance as a digital artistic practice. The goals of the shows are to capture the attention of the observer and bring out the pleasure of the show. Sketches have grown both formally and culturally from one comedy to other getting mass audiences which influence the art form. A beautiful description is seen to be more accessible than most episodes in movies, and viewers prefer sketches to see new artists who create jokes and comedies.

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