A study paper is an important piece of scholarly literature, typically focused on the research of writers on a certain subject of their choosing. This is later described, however, in a well-organized write-up that brings out the study and consistent interpretations of the research results vividly. The term paper, master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation are excellent examples of research papers that are viewed as a prerequisite in the classroom in most cases. To come up with a good research paper, the author ought to be equipped with vast knowledge on the particular topic of choice as well as easily accessible sources of information such as the internet, library and many more other source materials that may contain any reliable information.

It is essential that the author chooses a title that interests or challenges him or her. The research topic should be posed in terms of a question or a problem to be solved. As a result, the researcher will have a positive attitude towards the whole research process which in turn will be directly proportional to the outcome of the final results of the research. In this case, the author will be in a position to yield excellent research finding as a result of commendable effort and passion put into research work. Nevertheless, it is advisable that the researcher puts focus on small and manageable scope, e.g., narrow it down from “water” to “mineral water” to “Dasani bottled water brand.” The researcher should also obtain authorization from the instructor before embarking on full research work.

Once the researcher is through with framing a researchable topic, the next stage will involve drafting objectives and thesis statement of the study. The thesis should clearly describe the points to be expressed and supported in the paper and thus ought to be an indisputable fact or an opinion that can be proven. For example, it will be impossible to write a research paper justifying that the United States was the first nation to land on the moon. Since thesis statement is the key to a good paper, should, therefore, be carefully composed. A thesis statement should not be in question form neither should it contain phrases like “I think.”

The next step in writing a research paper is drafting an outline which basically includes the title page, abstract, introduction, manuscript body, and references (The writing Center). Tables, figures, and appendix can also be included in the outline. A formal outline helps the writer put down and organize ideas. This is followed by writing the first draft, revising the draft and finally typing the final paper for presentation. It is essential for the researcher to proofread the paper before presentation.

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