Relationship between Drug abuse and crime

Drug abuse is almost always linked to illegal activity. While some studies on the correlation between substance use and crime have shown statistical significance, they have not been entirely definitive in establishing a cause-and-effect relationship between the two variables. As a result, the connection between substance addiction and crime is more complicated than it seems, and more research is needed to fully understand it (Casavant and Collin). The aim of this study is to find a cause and effect connection between substance addiction and crime. What is the relationship between substance addiction and crime? is the research question that will drive the report. The research will examine three areas to establish this relationship: drug use related crimes, violence involving drug dealers as they clash with rival gangs, and economic-related crime where drug use engage in criminal activities to fund their habit.
According to National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, the United States prison population has exploded beyond the limits with most inmates being in the confines of prison largely due to substance abuse. For instance, 80 percent of offenders in the country’s prison have been involved in drugs or alcohol (NCADD). Further, 50 percent of prison inmates have been found to be clinically addicted (DrugWise). Moreover, “Approximately 60% of individuals arrested for most types of crimes test positive for illegal drugs at arrest” (BJS). The magnitude of this social problem can further be derived from number of people who drive while intoxicated with drugs. It is estimated that in the United States, over one million people drive under the influence of drugs, constituting the third most reported crime in the U.S. Drinking and drugged driving is then chief cause of death, injury as well as disability among the youths bellow the age of 21 ( Almost 40% of all traffic fatalities result from driving under the influence of alcohol. Moreover, drugs and especially alcohol is a leading cause of violence in college. Annually, in excess of 600,000 students are assaulted by their colleagues who have abused alcohol (Helms). Most drug addicts further are unable to afford their lifestyles and therefore have to sell stolen goods to fund their habits.
Understanding how drugs and violence are related is important in order to develop appropriate solutions and policies for addressing the problem. The drug menace has been a challenge for many years not only in the United States but also globally. The increase in drug use have coincided with increase in crime. Prisons are now flooded with convicts most whom are serving sentences due to drug related problems. This means huge proportion both the federal’s and states’ budget are being channeled to correctional facilities. This research is therefore important to policy maker in both federal and state levels, as well as the society in general as it will help solve the drug and crime puzzle. The policy makers can use the findings of this research to come up with corrective policies to solve the issue. The goal of the research is to establish the cause and effect link between drug abuse and crime. It will focus of drug related crimes such as drunk driving, violence among drug gangs, as well as economic related crime where drug use engage in criminal activities to fund their habit

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