Chemical Dependence- Crisis Intervention Strategies

Chemical Dependence is the use of substances that change the normal function of the mind, such as alcohol and cannabis sativa. There are different stages that ultimately contribute to addiction to drugs. During the initial phases, substance addicts try the new drug, but they don’t rely on it. They have become frequent users after some time, but they need a higher dose to lift their moods or change their minds compared to the initial intake. After a number of everyday uses, without monitoring the dose they take, they tend to misuse the medication in a harmful way. The final stage of addiction is co-dependency or addiction, at this level, they experience withdrawal symptoms, upon withdrawing from the abused drug. Based on chapter 11-Chemical dependency-Crisis of dependency highlights the problem the society goes through in an attempt to deal with the effects of chemical dependency. It is evident that chemical dependency has grown to one of the problems that the global society has faced in their day to day lives. Chemical dependents, are more prone to family violence, susceptible to diseases such as brain, liver and other body organs. Co-dependents abusers are unaware of how the substance affect their physical and physiological life. It is fair to say that, abusers losses control over their behaviours. Apart, from Health problems, drug abusers rehabilitation cost are tremendously high to the society, as a result may affect the economy of a country.
Alcoholic and Heroin abusers record high rates of suicide rates and die more violently. Based on crisis intervention- Chapter 11, effects of co-dependency that are explained in this section, chemical abusers experience physical factors such as exhaustion, chronic medical problems, and deterioration of physical appearance. Chemical abusers also experience emotional and social problems such as depression, emotional behaviour, avoidance of family and financial problems due to excessively borrowing money.

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