Public Speaking

This article would include a concise overview of the facets of public speaking covered in Chapters 6 and 7 of the Public Speaking Project. Reading chapters 6 and 7, I gain a new perspective on the role of public speaking based on the flow of ideas in a manner of imaginative thought with the free oozing of ideas. For example, a question is asked about the need to shift from law to communication; the response is fast and puzzling, sounding unpredictable and impulsive. It’s fascinating how a single chance to have a glimpse of a new venture can have a significant impact on one’s career direction. Aspects of life are intriguing and as a millennial, I find the phrase “larger than life” as a basis life itself. The choice of the power to heal is fascinating since in most cases, the first option that would even cross my mind is to get empowered. However, choosing others before oneself is one I can relate. The topic of critical thinking is a broad and the quick response seen through the choice of words is magnificent. It leaves me with various unanswered questions; the matter of opinions, leaves lots of lingering questions. Mostly, we seek opinions which suit our narrative, and we become blind to the truth, it is good to remember the library apart from the internet is a source of information. I believe public speaking is not something to trifle, but there is a need for more zest applied for its recognition. The chapters have enlightened me on the need to think critically and straightforwardness in thought and deed. Public speaking is not just about a speech but the presence of ideas and confidence in exuding these points

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