Art is an influential feature that is intended to represent or convey a specific meaning. Any creative work’s form has a broader sense and purpose for its use. Line, color, form, and texture are examples of art elements. Vertical, curved, zigzag, longitudinal, and horizontal lines are all examples of lines used in sculpture. Color is chosen based on the essence of the painting, and color and form are chosen based on the artist’s preferences. The provided image depicts a mallard and is an example of a visually appealing work of art. The lines are bent and zig-zag, giving the picture a concise definition. A mallard mostly lives in marshy and watery areas, and there is a clear indication of curved lines which gives an outline of the habitat, and it appears to be real. The art contains both bright and dull colors. The marshy habitat has an actual black color, and the surrounding habitat is green meaning that the bird is near the shore of a lake or river. The shape of the art is circular and cylindrical to give it a clear view and a better understanding where the texture is soft. The surface provides the art with full meaning and is attractive to the eye.

The Ballard art is well balanced; it is neither too small nor too large and is centrally placed. There is also a balance of colors as they are medium and they give the art a sense of reality. There is also unity in the picture. It is not just stationary as we can see the bird is scratching its back and this can be suggested that the image is in motion and this gives it a rich and unique meaning. It is also well represented by the different variety styles portrayed in the lines. The lines are curved, but they are also shaky symbolizing that the bird is not stationary and is, in fact, shaking the water. The orientation of the art is that it is placed at a strategic angle and it seems to be real due to the coordination and how curved and zig-zag lines meet. There is a lot of emphasis in every element. It is well painted and polished to give it a definite meaning where everyone can easily understand that it is a Ballard resting on water. The art is an excellent piece with uniformity and unique representation of both the core and minor details.

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