Objective in applying for admission as a non-degree Undergraduate Special Student at MIT

For a long time, I have wished and hoped for progression in my career; but, the sky has not always been the limit for me. As part of my path to success, I would like to attend MIT and enroll as a non-degree undergraduate Special Student. This is one of the few chances that I would be fortunate enough to secure. Studying in MIT will give me a chance to progress with my education while at the same time soaking in the culture and education practices of the new environment and a society that is totally different from the one which I grew up in. One of the main advantages of enrolling to MIT is that this institution is recognized all over the world and that many organizations accept students who have passed through your esteem institution. Furthermore, studying in your school will boost my experience and knowledge of new cultures and markets as related to my field of study.

I would like to attend MIT because of its positioning as an international network of leading research in universities. The presence of latest technologies and innovations in the institutions makes it a better place for me. For, my career requires a full active participation for the reasons of enhancing my experience in educational outcomes. I chose MIT in order to challenge myself academically; I have a passion for learning and understanding new things which has grown in me for a good period of time. By Joining MIT, I will have traveled away from my home which also comes with an advantage of better understanding how the world looks like on the other end.

I strongly believe that learning in MIT will challenge my mind and eventually open up my thinking on how I have been taking things or doing them. The impact is predicted to be positive and present a life changing opportunity, for the period that I will be attached to this institution, am sure life will never remain the same again. On the other hand, I am also an asset. At MIT, after I complete my program, I will extend the learned new knowledge and ideas to my fellow students at the community level. A few months ago I began developing ‘Iris’, software designed to assist lecturers and students by utilizing Machine Learning. ‘Iris’ will be able to generate problem sets and answer questions students might have, effectively leading to a more beneficial learning experience. A key component is the understanding and generation of natural language and I realize I need to gain more experience and exposure to relevant research in order for ‘Iris’ to be a success.

In addition to offering courses I cannot take at my current university, MIT has a world-class study and research atmosphere, outstanding peers and amazing faculty. After having spoken to my professors about my choice, I have applied to MIT because I believe the rigorous academic environment is a good fit for me and that spending a year at this renowned university will help me succeed in further studies and research by providing me with a solid foundation in AI. After graduating from high school I developed an encrypted network for the Norwegian Special Operations Command (FSK). During this experience, I realized the plethora of applications made possible by Computer Science. What I find particularly interesting is Artificial Intelligence as we’re entering into what Raymond Kurzweil describes as ‘Epoch 5’, an era where technology will merge with human intelligence.

The work experience I undertook at FSK gave me the opportunity to develop algorithms for secure data transfer and design network infrastructure. I led the project upgrading the operating system of all our servers, a complex task as operational capabilities had to be ensured throughout the process and I was heavily involved in bringing our BICES node online. During my work, I had to acquire new skills quickly (such as how to design an IP addressing scheme) and apply it instantly. This has helped me better understand how I process information, allowing me to learn new concepts quickly, and I believe this makes me a very capable student.

In conclusion, I am optimistic that once granted this opportunity, I will gain more independence at a personal level, build on my leadership skills and increase my knowledge of technology and innovations. This will also give me an opportunity to interact with other professionals in the industry which later make me a better person. As I am writing these objectives down, my heart hopes that I will be considered for the opportunity in order for me to realize my dream of advancing in my career and opening another chapter in my personal and academic life.

Thank you for your consideration,

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