I agree with the claims of Cassey Vargas

I agree with Cassey Vargas’ claims that the climate change debate is more important than ever, and that if it is not treated carefully, it could become a danger to humanity. Climate change impacts the environment’s four pillars: social, economic, political, and socio-cultural, making sustainability impossible. Furthermore, as the debate of climate change becomes politicized or impacts society in a religious manner, it poses a danger to the public that their way of living interferes, for example, with the community’s belief system. Moreover, when the decisions that are being made during the debate affect people or rather cannot be relied upon or trusted then it will lead to disunions midst the societies. For instance, people in the society are influenced by the culture in making decisions hence it is vicissitude of the value and beliefs.
In addition, I agree with Songhao Zhang that climate change is one of the most persisting challenges that is affecting the current society and it is necessary that the issue is handled with a lot of care for the purpose of future generation. Climate change is as a result of natural causes and the human influences. Examples of natural causes include plate tectonics, solar output, orbital variations, volcanic activities, ocean current variability, a greenhouse gas, and aerosols. In addition, examples of human influence include industrial emissions, burning of fossil fuels and land use change such as deforestation, settlements and many others. Moreover, there is uncertainty amongst the environmentalists who all take part in ensuring that the environment is sound and sustainable. Hoffman’s statement about the environmentalists using the discussion in their own interests and trying to diminish the economic growth of the states is true. He quoted “environmentalists are like watermelon: red inside though green outside so they resemble the behaviors of communism and socialism”.

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