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Sports are really common in American culture. According to figures, more than three-fifths of people in the United States tend to have a connection with sports-related practices. One-quarter of this group is heavily involved in athletics, whether by individual participation, fundraising, coaching, or as parents of children who participate in sports. Sports have provided many positive benefits to this nation over the years. This includes the correct molding of children into responsible adults, economic gain, a decline in juvenile violence, putting people closer, and popularity, among other things. For instance, United States is known to produce the best basketballers. Michael Jordan is a worldwide celebrated star who has helped the country benefit both directly and indirectly. Over the years, Athletics have assumed a great deal of importance in this country. Many people are starting it and a huge percentage ends up making it a lifelong activity. Recently, Americans have become more competitive in sports to the point that winning is common to them. There are many examples that prove that, athletics keeps on getting more and more important around the United States.

The most visible and significant example that shows the excessive importance of athletics is related to publications and policies both by the government and athletics managerial bodies. To begin with, USADA avails a number of policies, procedures, as well as publications that help athletes and other concerned individuals understand all that is required when it comes to anti-doping responsibilities. It helps minimize cases of doping that might block some of the talented athletes from participating in important activities (González, pg. 24). It includes testing programs, required international standards among other things. On the other hand, it makes available all the resources as well as information that athletes, teachers, coaches, parents, community leaders and other stakeholders may need to make sure everything is well sorted. Resources include a nutrition guide, literature on what is expected in terms of honesty and integrity and educational activities. The policy regarding interscholastic athletics has been changed by the North Carolina State Board of Education. The change permits participation of 6th graders to the athletics but excludes Middle School Football. However, there are conditions that need to be met by the participants. This shows that athletics has become more and more important in the country such that, athletes are prepared young enough to ensure that, no talent is lost.

Another thing that shows that athletes are of great importance in this country is the fact that, U.S Department of Health and Human Services has recommended more and more children to be encouraged to participate in Athletics (Martin, pg. 35). According to them, participating specifically in athletics in less dangerous and can make you stronger and healthier. tend to have a lower body mass indexes. For that matter, there is a reduced rate of diabetes and blood pressure among this population. When a child learns to participate in athletics at a younger age, it is most likely that they will carry over into being a more active adult even if they drop the sport.

Other example showing the excessive importance of athletics in the United States is the fact that, the country invests heavily in them. Looking closely, there is a growing number of the institution meant not only for talented persons but also to help less privileged persons. Paralympics has become a significant issue in this countries. Special schools keep on being constructed so as to ensure that, everyone gets a chance (Martin, pg. 26). Government is creating special programs that are meant to reach for handicapped as well as recruit new talent on a regular basis. This means that they have to pump money to fund these organizations. As opposed to many countries in the world, America student Athletes receive scholarships from their institutions and they are encouraged not to give in. Even though academic merit is a consideration student are provided with all the resources they require to make them world-class athletes. In this case, the government through various organizations build athletic programs in these institutions such as improvement of facilities as well as funding coaches to ensure that Student-Athletes are well catered for. As compared to other countries, coaches are not given much importance like in the US. Here, there are seen to be a leading positive influence on today’s youth. This clearly shows how important athletics is in United States.

Finally, another important example is seen with the impact of Athletics on U.S economy. These sporting activities generate more than $15 billion a year. This, however, does not account for indirect income that is generated through athletics. Again, athletics contributes to more than 500,000 jobs with an average salary of $39500 per job (Fuller, pg. 64). The occupations include athlete’s competitors, coaches and scouts, referee and other officials, entertainers and performers together with other related workers, athletes’ writers, agents as well as business managers. On the other hand, many companies benefit from athletic activities through advertising as well as the promotion of their products. For that matter, it is very clear, even without much analysis that athletics generates a lot of revenue to countries gross incomes. So even without an excessive study, these examples can help understand America’s obsession with Athletics.

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