an outline for a letter of advice

In a friendship, the value of verbal contact cannot be overstated.
The significance of leadership skills and engagement would be shown in the letter.
Specific opinions formed as a result of the interpersonal communication course’s interactions and educational context.
A preview of what the body part of the letter would contain.
Interpersonal Relationship Principles and Obstacles
Determine the fundamental concepts of good communication. It entails treating others with dignity, having good listening skills, and providing an appropriate response and interpretation to the phenomena under investigation. Obstacles to effective communication. It includes long distance relationship, culture differences as well as the differences in gender.
Why the core principles of interpersonal communication matters for the couples

The processes and procedures that the couple will use to overcome the numerous barriers to interpersonal communication illustrated in this section.

Role of communication in developing and maintaining self-concept, self-image, and self-esteem

Distinguish self-concept, self-image, and self-esteem by use of various relevant definitions.

The way the three terms of self potentially influences the relationship between the couple addressed in this letter.

The best practices in the form of advice that could help the couples to develop a positive self-concept, self-image, and self-esteem.

Importance of self-disclosure and emotional intelligence in relationship

Different definition of self-disclosure and emotional intelligence in the relationship

The role of self-disclosure in improving the relationship between the newly married couples.

The manner in which the couple’s relationship will improve with the application of emotional intelligent.

The relationship that exists between self-disclosure and emotional intelligence with an idea of improving the relationship status between the couples.

Strategies for using communication techniques to resolve interpersonal conflicts

The various strategies that exist for using communication techniques that help in resolving various interpersonal conflicts that exist in a relationship.

Sex and money as the main potential conflicts that exists in a relationship

Strategies for communication techniques that assists in addressing the disputes about sex and money disputes.

The impact of gender and culture in interpersonal communication

Definition of gender and culture in the context of interpersonal communication

The general importance of understanding gender and culture in relationships especially for Nick and Mary’s relationship.

General advice for the couples to become better communicators based on the information presented in the letter of advice for the couples.


Summarizes and restates the key and critical points addressed in the body of the charter of advice for the couples in their relationship.

Offers the general overview and the core issues of dealing with interpersonal communication to become a better communicator in the relationship for a healthy relationship.

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