Endangered Species

An endangered species falls under the class of plants or animals that face the danger of being extinct due to their small population across the globe. The species face an act of jeopardy due to the activities executed by human beings such as the destruction or pollution of their native habitats. A species should be saved because it has an intrinsic value since the loss of a plant or animal species is not only shortsighted, but it is also immoral. Equally, the act goes in line with the rights ethical theory under which rights are viewed to be morally correct and binding since the greater populace validates them. The argument can be supported through the provision of the “Endangered Species Act” that calls for the protection of imperiled and vulnerable species (Brumbaugh, 2014). Therefore, saving a species because of its intrinsic value helps in the preservation of its variety in the natural world that is accustomed and treasured by many individuals across the ecosphere.

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Human beings are dominant, but they should be concerned with some species that are endangered. The aspect should be undertaken through the employment of strategies that shall protect the animals and plants under this category. The act goes in line with the utilitarian ethical theory since it shall offer the greatest happiness to the affected species. Thus, if human beings ignore to protect the endangered animals and plants, it shall be considered as the greatest evil and pain under the utilitarian system. Therefore, this implies that man should be concerned with the species that face the danger of extinction.

The aspect of survival for the fittest should not apply since it shall lead to the extinction of endangered species. On the same note, other animals and plants that were not under the endangered species class may find themselves under this group as they struggle to survive. Thus, this may lead to the disappearance of many species that are crucial across the globe. Similarly, the subject should be saved because it has intrinsic value that is considerably large. The subject is not only a living thing, but it is also crucial to the Arctic habitation and setting. The act calls for man to act in a humane way towards other animal species despite holding the greatest intrinsic value. Therefore, the significance of reasoning should be expanded to encompass speciesism so that animals can be respected and protected despite their inability to reason.



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