Communication and Critical Thinking

I began my evaluation and assessment process by first determining the debate’s requirements. The discussion centered on the value of music and art to students. As part of the critical thinking process, I had to build the proper justifications for why my community and I supported my debate subject. I made sure that I went through exploration by picking one side of the debate which included supporting the positive role played by music and art in influencing the desired status of growth and development among the students.
Integration meant developing a clear path that created an understanding of the topic of the debate. Integration meant understanding the importance of music and art on the students and applying it in the debate. I followed the steps of critical thinking, one after the other, to enable my team and I develop a good debate. I went through integration by comprehending the topic of study and also understanding the role of the other steps such as assessment, exploration, and evaluation.
Application of the Critical Thinking Steps to the Debate
Through the assessment of the topic of study, I was able to know the right areas that had an important relationship to the debate. I knew the right points to pick in defending the subject. I assessed both the negative and positive impacts of music and art on the students. I evaluated the importance of studying the subject and the future effect it had on the students that undertook classes on music and art. I evaluated the importance of art and music in the learning environment and calculated its impact and value to the students studying the subject. Evaluation of the significance status of the subject in schools made me realize the reasons as to why schools need to introduce music and art into their curriculum. I carried out an exploration of the debate topic through consistent research. I employed several sources such as the internet, books, eBooks, and scholarly journals to develop the right data concerning the important position played by music and art in the growth and development of students both in the learning and living environments.
I employed assessment to identify the different perception of the various people found in the society regarding the subject of art and music. Through my assessment, I noted that people possessed different opinions about why schools need to introduce music and art in their curriculum. I integrated what I had assessed, explored, and evaluated as a learning point and also as a factor to apply in my daily life. I acquired a lot of data that may be implemented to our debate and other critical areas with a relation to the application of the learned information.

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