A comparison between high school and college

I recall how excited we were to get into university when we were in senior high. I was ecstatic to be in a different setting, meet new people, and have new experiences. I realized that high school is an institution where the parents and teachers are in charge of any operation in the school compound, while college is an institution where students are responsible for their own lives. However, I found that the two organizations had certain similarities and others that are diametrically opposed. Because of the parallels between high school and college, life was new, unique, and fun.
Any of the parallels I discovered between high school and college is as follows: the teachers and professors did the same work. In high school we referred to the instructors as teachers, in college, we call them professors. They expect the students to pass in their examinations. I have observed that the in the two establishments people hang around in groups. People who seem to share that same values and attitudes clique together. Cliques are found everywhere in the world because human beings are known to be social beings. Just like high school, I have found out that the best way to learn is to befriend the senior students. Students in the upper classes have experience of the projects, life, and they can offer advice on how to enjoy life in school.

There are differences between high school and college that make them unique. The first difference is that while in high school I was expected to follow the rules in university I have the choice to live responsibly. The parents and teachers reminded me of the rules and regulations in high school, but in college, the parents assume I can be able to live by the expectations of the environment. Time management is another issue that brings about the difference between high school and college. In college, I choose what to do with my time but in high school the dictates what I do at a particular point in time. At the college level, I prefer the classes I have to attend the high school students I had to participate in all the lessons.

Classes for high school students run for 36 hours a day but in college, only twelve hours are enough for learning. The reason why the college students have less time in class than the high school students is that the college students need to spend more time doing research rather than reading in class. Also, the students in college have two semesters in an academic year, and each has fourteen weeks. On the other hand, the high school students have thirty-six weeks of learning and three terms of education. In high school, I had the privilege of knowing all the students in their class which is very different from college where the knowing the classmates is not easy. The reason why it is hard to know all the students in class is that of the limited number of lesson per week.

The similarities between high school and college made life different, enjoyable, and unique. However, I have better experiences in university compared to high school because of the freedom from parents and teachers. The most important thing I have learned is that there is a season of everything. I live one day at a time.

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