The political parties in the United States

During the campaign and implementation time, the political parties in the United States (U.S.), especially the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, had different views on United States policies and issues. From the advent of the U.S. administration, this dilemma has been there. The Democratic Party promotes substantial initiatives that profit and represent the needs of the people of the United States. This party has long been committed to the important values and liberties that form the foundation of the country’s institutions. Abortion, globalization, border security, and welfare are some of the topics on which the Democratic Party has clear beliefs to ensure that effective policies are developed to support cities.The study compares the differences in opinion between the two parties on various issues.

The Democratic Party supports a woman’s right to decide whether to terminate her pregnancy through safe and legal abortion. The party believes abortion is an intensely individual decision existing between a woman, her family, clergy and the doctor and there is no room for the government to interfere with it. However, the Republican party holds a varying opinion (McKay, David H, 1). The Republican party argues that sanctity of human life and the unborn child possess equal and significant individual rights to life, which is not questionable. However, the Democrats are right because the woman should be left to decide the fate of their unborn child. The life of the mother is essential, and abortion cannot be equated to murder. Allowing the government to can put the life of the mother at risk while denying them the right to make decisions (Foran par.17). The Democrats position is the better choice because it aims to protect the healthcare of the women, their rights to choose and their economic security. The U.S lacks quality sex education, and also childbirth is an undertaking with massive financial impact (Lunsford). The contraceptives are also frequently unavailable and thus denying the women the right to abort is punishing them.

Regarding health care policies, the Democratic Party aims to establish affordable, accessible and high-quality health care as part of the American promise. They want to make sure no patient becomes broke due to an inevitable sickness. In contrast, the Republican Party subscribes to a patient-centered healthcare structure. Democratic Party further holds the opinion that the government operates a health system minimizes the effectiveness and high level of the care, and compromises the physical relationship of the patient and maximizes periods of waiting within the system of health care. Considering the U.S health system in general, Democratic Party’s take is so significant and means well for the US citizens (Republican Views par.1). There is an increase in the number of youths entering the workforce and in such a case, the child can stay and benefit from their parent’s plans. Also, health insurers will not reject to cover the kids with pre-existing medical conditions (Luhby). The policies of the party further entail creating a situation where working families will have the guaranteed security of understanding of not losing health care or find themselves in bankruptcy situation in the case of family loss of a job or sickness. The Democrats position is better because it reduces the burden of purchasing healthcare for the citizens. Moreover, it will help to extend care to Americans irrespective of their social status or income thus increasing individual’s lifespans (Pease par.5). Privatized healthcare costs are usually inflated, and a universal healthcare will help to reduce such costs making it affordable.

Regarding Immigration and Border control policies, the Democratic Party believes the United States is a nation built on the foundation of immigrants. With that in mind, this country should acknowledge and support the present and future immigrants. The Republican Party holds that a system needs to implement to make sure the immigrants who enter the United States illegally have no equal benefits held by legal citizens (Alcantara and Uhrmacher par 2). The party stresses much on the need to welcome those who come U.S but with restriction and putting more resources to lock out those who attempt to pass via illegal means and keep track on those who enter and leave the country. The Republicans, on the other hand, believe that immigrants are intolerant. Furthermore, they are likely to take jobs, homes, and tax dollars from legal citizens who have been taxed (Reeves and Johnson par.3). Illegal immigrants are also believed to contribute to crimes according to Republicans. The opinion and policy held by Democratic party on the issue of immigration and border control are better as it takes charge of the welfare of the Americans without any discrimination. The party considers the young people who have the desire to contribute much to the economy of the US (Democrat Vs. Republican). The children should become legal citizens and residents of the United States. The position of the Democrat to consider offering relief to the youth, who get into the US as children through no burden of their own, grew as Americans and balanced to make an actual input to the nation is what means well to the U.S as a center of human rights and democracy.

Regarding taxes, the Democrats are in support of progressive taxation of the citizens. In this type of system individuals with higher incomes tend to pay more taxes as compared to those with lower incomes. On the contrary, the Republicans support tax cuts for all Americans, both rich and the poor. Some of them are also proponents of flat tax whereby everyone pays the same percentage of tax on their income regardless of their amount earned (Gleckman par.4). Republicans argue that progressive taxation is class warfare. The position of the Democrats is better because progressive taxation tends to promote equality among all taxpayers. A flat tax would be discriminative and only benefit the wealthy Americans giving them disproportionate benefits (Dylan par.3). Progressive taxation also tends to reduce income inequality among the citizens. It is also fairer as it allows those who earn more to give more back in the form of taxes to the government.

In conclusion, different prominent parties in the US; the Democratic Party and Republican Party hold divergent views on the issues of Abortion, Healthcare and Immigration and Border Control. On Abortion, the Democratic Party fights for the right of the women to make independent decisions concerning pregnancy and the right to legal abortion. The Republican Party believes in the rights of the unborn child. On health issue, the Democratic Party believes in free and affordable health care while Republican Party fights for a centered patient system. Lastly on the Immigration and Border Control, Democratic Party fights for free entry and freedom of the Immigrants, an opinion that the Republican Party does not subscribe in. The two parties believe in taxation, but Republicans propose that tax should be reduced. The two parties believe in restriction of illegal immigrants and permanent passes of all citizens respectively. In this regard, Democratic Party is a party that holds both the U.S citizen and foreigners at heart through the favorable policies on health care system, rights to abortion and freedom of entering and leaving the United States

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