The Painter of Modern Life

A prime source is Charles Baudelaire’s “The Painter of Modern Life” (which indicates a source of given information and the author has direct knowledge about the document created). The author explains the main elements of daily life for a painter, which include happiness, fashion, and elegance (where the author is able to see in all the beauty of the creative work that a man might make for himself/herself). The book also addresses the sketch of etiquette, an exceptional poet, modernity, mnemonic art, the Dandy, a specific lady, cosmetics praises, and the woman and prostitution. Monsieur C. G. is viewed as an exceptional artist since one can describe him as a man of the globe, a human being of the crowd and also a child. He is a person who passionate with art, and all his drawing and painting are signed with his dazzling soul. He is an individual who loves art and does not showcase to the world who he is but showcases his work to the world. He is a man who understands the entire world; it’s mysterious and the legal reasons through his art. He is an extraordinary artist since he appreciates the nature of the world and everything that happens in it. He is an artist who draws like a child or barbarian, a person who is very impatient at the clumsiness of his fingers and also very disobedience to his pen. He is an individual who was gifted with the power of expression and capacity to see beyond the unseen. He has a natural gift of active imagination that continually journey across the great human desert. Also when he painted, he also gives out his legendary personality, therefore, making him an extraordinary artist.

Baudelaire describes the term “modernity” as the quality that Monsieur is looking for when painting or drawing. Therefore by “modernity”, he means the contingent, fugitive, ephemeral and the half of the art which is eternal and the other is immutable. This term is particular because it defines or differentiates old master. This will enable one to learn and study how to paint. Also, modernity is seen as special, because every smile, glance, gesture and costume are different from way back and its combination forms a complete viable as a whole.

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