The Military Fashion

The army has a big impact on trend today as many people are going for some clothes and shoes used to be worn by soldiers. Even if the designs are now not exactly the same as those worn by the military, it is easy to note some similarities. For instance, the khakis and the leather boots are a common put on of many people. Other clothes that were frequent for the military and form section of today’s fashion encompass trench coats, which are mostly worn during the bloodless season. Both men and women can be viewed walking on the streets and other locations in long coats. Therefore, the military trend has remained important to many people all over the world with some using it for their casual wear and some of them include the military wristwatch, the military bomber jacket, and the military leather boots.
The military especially in the United States are allowed to put on wristwatches that must meet the military performance specifications. Before the WWI, wristwatches were for women but during the trench warfare, they became common during tactical operations. Some companies such as Rolex were the main suppliers during the time. In the United States today, specifications for the military watches were established in 1989 requiring use of tritium as a source of illumination for the watches for easier reading (Dijck, 161). However, watchmakers today are coming up with cheaper watches that resemble those worn by military men and women. Some of the renowned companies that manufacture such watches include Seiko, Hamilton, and the Marathon Watch Company (Dijck, 162). Most of them are clock watches either quartz or mechanical ones. Military watches are not costly, are sold to military personnel as well as civilians, and can be as low as $50. However, the manufacturers emphasize durability since soldiers have to endure extreme conditions during combat. Although the wristwatches are manufactured purposely for the military, many people wear them as fashion. It is common to find various types of wristwatches modified to fit the taste of the wearers but the idea originated from the military.
A bomber jacket is sort and sturdy that was traditionally made from leather with its waist fitted with an elastic band. The front is zipped and was initially made for military pilots but has became one of the preferred fashions in the apparel industry. Today several versions have emerged made in different styles and silhouettes for fashion. Original bomber jackets had two front pockets and some may have a lining of sheepskin of filled with fibers for warmth. The jacket has become an important fashion in the modern era and it is common to find them in men, women, and children wardrobes. The bomber jacket originated from the pilot’s need to wear something that could give them some warmth during cold weather in high altitudes (Archives, N. S. U 1). As the use changed from military to civilian several changes had to be effected such as changing the woolen collar and cuffs to acrylic knit. The bomber jacket no longer belongs to the military or the pilots but is a common wear during cold weather. Today the bomber jackets are normally tailored to meet the modern tastes of the young generation although they are replicas of the military ones. For instance, Alpha Industries started producing civilian jackets in the 1970s, seven years after it got the contract to produce MA-1s for the military (Archives, N. S. U 3). Some of the common street wear brands include Stussy and Supreme, which are modified to suit casual wear for men and women. The bomber jacket is a great inspiration for high fashion for designers and some omit some features such as the bulky sleeves and extra pockets. It has therefore, made a transition from function to fashion, as many celebrities prefer the modified fashions (Peoples 9). It has also become the most popular military clot worn by civilians across the gender divide. The bomber jacket is one of the most favorite unisex styles in the world despite its origin from the military clothing.
The combat leather boots for combat were introduced in the US Army by the mip-1950s. For instance, the black leather boot has been an important component of the US army and Marine Corps as part of the uniform. It is not easy to ignore the combat boot due to its importance during military battles as they help in preventing injuries especially to the frontline troops during wars. During the First World War, several soldiers suffered from trench foot due to extreme cold and the inability of the boots to offer adequate insulation (Šajatović, Dragčević and Vujasinović 1). Civilians started buying military leather boots from stores for their everyday wear and today it is one of the most preferred for many. Some veterans of the world war were forced to continue seeking treatment for injuries caused due to poor footwear. The introduction of the military leather boots was one of the best decisions as it prevented foot injuries during combat enabling the soldiers to perform their roles perfectly. The military leather booty has now become a fashion across gender and is no longer associated with wars, battles, or security issues. It is fashionable and women are also wearing them during different events and as a casual wear. Nowadays there are classic leather knee-high boots for women that they can wear with skirts for fashion. The boots have also been modified to include high heels, different colors, as well as various decors (Šajatović, Dragčević and Vujasinović 3). Some women wear them tucked into a pair of trousers depending on the fashion trends thus the military boots have been transformed into something fashionable for men and women. Some of the modern trends boots are sharp-pointed and made of stiletto that can be worn with dresses, skirts, or trousers by women. Men buy boots for their normal wear thus, he military boos have been transformed to fashionable footwear for men and women in every part of the world.
In conclusion, the military fashion has influenced the modern way of dressing in many parts of the world. Although they were originally made for men and women in the military, leather boots are now common as civilians by them for casual wear. Fashionable boots are in many shops and fashion outlets in the world in different colors ranging from black, brown, red, and even white. Some are sharp-pointed especially those designed for women models to be worn with short dresses and skirts. Men’s boots also come in different colors and designs to fit peoples’ tastes and preferences. The military has therefore influence modern fashion as manufacturers have modified various attires such as leathers boots, bomber jackets, and military wristwatch.
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