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Google Corporation has redefined its corporate ethos over the last three decades, and one of the fields that has seen significant change is the company’s marketing strategy. The company’s founders became the principal drivers of the company’s improved internal and external contact styles, which resulted in an improvement in efficiency and a comparative advantage over its competitors. Google Corporation has a relational organizational framework that allows for open communication among employees. However, its external communication is very secretive, and this helps in maintaining its privacy from its competitors, and this has played a role in the company’s increased market share over the years. The company’s unique communication strategies have also been on the frontline in maintaining the company’s reputation and strengthening of the brand. This paper focuses on the communication styles employed by Google Corporation.


Communication channels

Google Corporation employs various communication styles. One of the communication styles employed by the managers of the company is regular meetings with the employees. Through direct face to face meetings with the employees, the managers are able to share their views and come up with strategies that can enhance the performance of the company. Other than the use of meetings, the managers of Google Corporation employs communication channels such as emails, memos and video conferencing. The use of emails is the most common communication technique embraced by the company. Emails are mainly applied in the company because each and every employee of the company has a direct linkage to a computer system, and this makes it easier for the departmental and organization’s heads to send them emails. Finally, the company also uses memos as a part of their communication to its employees. Memos are mainly applied as communication channels from one department to the other.

Communication in the recent event

On January 2017, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai announced the company’s plans for the acquisition of the struggling SoundCloud Inc. the communication method employed by the company’s CEO was a face-to-face announcement to the audience that consisted of the company’s employees and shareholders. The communication technique was effective because it gave the audience an opportunity to have an interactive discussion with the company’s head and share their ideas on whether the move will be fruitful or flawed. The CEO preferred face-to-face communication with the audience rather than the use of communication techniques such as email and video conferencing because face to face communication with the audience made it easier and effective for him to send the message to the audience (Yates, 2009). The communication technique also makes it easier for the leader to receive feedback from the audience.

Based on this information, it is clear that leaders and managers need to put their preference on the use of face-to-face communication with their audience. Departmental managers, rather than sending emails on a regular basis to the employees, need to ensure that they hold regular meetings with their employees, and this can be instrumental in encouraging the employees as well as increasing their productivity (Smith & Mounter, 2008).


There are various communication techniques employed by different companies across the globe. The mode of communication employed by a company determines its productivity levels. Companies such as Google Company enjoy increased financial performance and productivity due to their organization culture and unique communication strategies. The use of face-to-face communication comes out as the most appropriate technique for internal communication in an organization.


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