Scoop shop

The part-time employee does not require secondary or other formal training in order to work in a Scoop store. But he must be able to provide high quality, quick and friendly service to customers. The part-time workers should in this case be willing, on request by customers, to produce ice cream cones, milkshakes and others. They should also be able to keep clean and look. In this way they can maintain the high-quality service they deliver to customers of the company. They should be able to hand over the cash register or use the POS to carry out financial transactions. Ability to collect money from customers will ease the performance of the company.

There are different factors to be monitored and different measures to be taken to ensure that there are purity and safety of the food products. First, there will be a need for sanitation team that sanitizes all surfaces and equipment each and every day. Also, an internal audit team will be required to monitor and test both raw ingredient and in-house processed foods. The team will also ensure that water and air within the company are safe for humans. External audit teams are critical to ensuring that all stakeholders within the organization are adhering to a safe quality food program. Finally, there will be a need for a training team that will regularly organize training to help employees maintain high quality and safety program (Yiannas, n.p).

Unions are usually used by a workforce to negotiate for workplace safety, policy procedures, benefits as well as salaries and wages (Markowitz, n.p). However, Grater’s does not have a union yet it is able to maintain low employee turnover. Therefore, it is highly probable that the company negotiates with its employees to come up with strategies that are best for both parties. Otherwise, many employees would leave the company to look for better jobs. It Grater’s became unionized; employees might use that opportunity to seek for more wages and salaries. Unfortunately, granting employees more wages and salaries comes at the expense of fewer jobs. Dismissing more workers would mean that the few remaining will overwork to comfortably serve all of the company’s customers.

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